January 2021

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Message From The President
Happy New Year!

Along with Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday, Happy New Year is one of our most familiar and oft used greetings. And as easily as it rolls off the tongue, it can be chock full of meaning, including sincere wishes for someone’s health and happiness as well as an expression of hope for a brighter future.

After 2020, we can all use a good dose of hope for a brighter future. I see that brightness coming, even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. By the time you read this column, we will be completing the second round of COVID vaccinations in Rosa Coplon Living Center. Before the end of this month, our assisted living residents in Dosberg Manor and Garden House will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine onsite. This is really good news! Then, as the vaccine becomes available throughout the general public, we may be able to realize the hope of controlling the pandemic in 2021. That would make this year a happy one indeed.

On another hopeful front, the New York State Department of Health continues its review of our proposed sale to Elderwood. Even though the process has been slowed down as a result of the pandemic, we continue to receive indications that our application will be approved. As I have mentioned before, our sale to Elderwood will ensure that the mission, traditions, and services of Weinberg Campus will remain strong well into the future.

There is another event that would make 2021 a happy year for all of us – a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl win. To follow up a year like 2020 with our first NFL championship would be a, well, super way to celebrate the new year!  

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021.

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to reach out to any member of our leadership team, or contact me directly at (716) 639-3311 ext. 2468 or rmayer@weinbergcampus.org.

What's New
COVID-19 Vaccine Update
We're pleased to report that staff and Rosa Coplon Living Center residents have received either the first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are very fortunate to have excellent partners in CVS Health, who have made this a smooth process for all. Our assisted living residents in Dosberg Manor and Garden House now have confirmed dates to receive the vaccine as well, starting today:

Dosberg Manor: Jan. 14, Feb. 4, & Feb. 25
Garden House: Jan. 25, Feb. 15, & Feb. 25

Although this is a step in the right direction, we are not letting our guard down - we continue to follow the ongoing safety precautions to provide the utmost protection and care for our residents and staff on campus.

We understand there are many questions regarding visitation as residents and staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Department of Health, and will update you as we learn more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

  • Watch a live recording of our COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Webinar with John Thurairajah, MD, CMD, Medical Director of Rosa Coplon Living Center. 

For more information about COVID-19 or visitation, please contact one of our communities directly or visit https://www.weinbergcampus.org/coronavirus/.
Staff Feedback

"I chose to receive the vaccine not only in the hopes of protecting myself and my family, but to do the best I can to protect the residents and patients I see and work with daily."

-Kristy Haggerty, Physical Therapy Assistant

“I was excited to get my vaccine! I have done a lot of research from valid sources and medical experts regarding its effectiveness and safety, and decided it is what is best for me, my family, and the residents. I am looking forward to things going back to normal and can't wait to travel and spend time with family again! I also am looking forward to when it is safe for the residents to visit with their families!”

-Lauren O'Connor, Physical Therapy Assistant

“I am proud to have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Aside from some mild soreness lasting a day, I feel great. It feels good to know I am doing my part to fight the virus!”
-Steffi Holmes, Certified Nursing Assistant
Resident Feature:
Virginia, Dosberg Manor
Virginia has been a resident of Dosberg Manor for about a year-and-a-half now. Her sunny disposition and positive attitude have kept everyone’s spirits up on campus, especially during the past year. It was only fitting to feature her in the first Weinberg Campus newsletter of the new year! Read more below!
Virginia celebrating the holidays.

Back in the Day

Virginia (Ginny) was born on April 24, 1925 in Troy, New York – the oldest of seven children! Growing up, she loved the outdoors and had an adventurous spirit that has served her well to this day. 

Virginia met her husband, Eldon, on a school bus when both were in the eighth grade. They were smitten with each other from the start, and eventually married at 22 years old. Virginia would enter the Cadet Nursing Program for training and Eldon, the Navy. After serving in the Navy for 3 ½ years, Eldon returned to Albright College and Seminary in Reading, Pennsylvania and she went to work as a Registered Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Eldon would serve many years as a minister in various churches in New York until he finished his tenure at Kenmore United Methodist Church. Virginia enjoyed being involved in the “work of the church” alongside her husband. She sang in the choir, worked with children and youth and promoted missions. She is highly regarded as not only an excellent nurse, but a dedicated minister’s wife and wonderful mother - she really enjoys working with people. 
Virginia and Eldon in high school
Their wedding day in 1947
Virginia in the Cadet Nursing Program
They’d spend their years growing and enjoying their family – they had one son, Paul, and one daughter, Sharon – and sharing outdoor adventures with them. Virginia is especially fond of her memories at Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks, where the family would get together every year and bask in nature. She reminisced about the air, the trees, the rocks, and wonderful sightseeing experiences.

Over the years their family would expand to include five grandchildren, and today, Virginia shares that she is thrilled to have three great grandchildren – with one on the way!
Virginia and Eldon with their children and grandchildren at her 90th birthday in 2015.

Life at Dosberg Manor

Virginia and Eldon both moved to Dosberg Manor in May 2019. Sadly, Eldon passed shortly after the move. Virginia proudly reminisces that they were married for almost 73 years!

Before the pandemic hit, Virginia loved performing as a Weinberg Warblers regular, and can’t wait until the group can get together again. She has a love for music and participating in anything music-related. The last year has changed regular activities on campus, but Virginia has enjoyed the virtual exercise classes and all the treats the residents frequently receive.

“We get treated royally!” says Virginia. “I’m really enjoying the window visits on campus. I also love the area – it’s so beautiful with the snow on the trees, but I do enjoy watching the cardinals and juncos. I can’t wait to get back outside when it’s warmer!”

In talking about her experience at Dosberg Manor, Virginia says, “I don’t have to worry about making meals – and I love the people! The [staff] truly look out for us and there is always someone to help.”

Today, you can find Virginia serving others from afar. She still writes notes to shut-ins as part of her mission work at Kenmore United Methodist Church and supports her daughter’s mission in Africa by starting libraries in schools where there are none. On a cold winter’s night, she is snuggled up writing letters beneath her most treasured Christmas gift – a blanket featuring the faces of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“Jesus said I wait for the lord, my soul waits and his word I HOPE.” 
Staff Feature: Destiny Collins
Movin' On Up!

Congratulations to Destiny Collins on receiving her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certification. Destiny has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Rosa Coplon Living Center for the last 3.5 years, and is now in orientation to take on her new LPN role. Her favorite part about working at Weinberg Campus is the people. Her advice to others looking to advance? "Just do it- there is never a right time!"
A Day in the Life: Assisted Living
When your loved one needs a little extra support in their aging journey, assisted living may be the answer. Dosberg Manor at Weinberg Campus offers assisted living and respite care. "Many of our residents start their journey at Weinberg in the independent apartments, and then make their way to Dosberg Manor as their needs increase. It’s all part of our continuum of care," says Dana Notaro, Administrator at Dosberg Manor.

So, what’s a day in the life at Dosberg Manor like?

Residents have access to all the amenities that enhance their standard of living, including, but not limited to, a specially curated meal plan that meets their individual dietary needs, spacious living areas, round-the-clock care, and more. Residents would tell you they have their pick of activities on campus – music, crafts, games, classic movies, manicures, birthday and holiday celebrations, etc. Before the pandemic, activities looked a little different, but Activity Director Alyssa Fitzgerald has been using her creativity to offer fun and engaging pastimes that residents can safely participate in and enjoy, without sacrificing their passions. One of those activities is a virtual exercise class with Sarah, which has become popular with the residents, has helped to keep them active and also lifted their spirits. Here is what residents had to say:

“All the exercises I learn from Sarah I do in my room every day.”

“I enjoy going to exercise with Sarah where I get to see my friends. She has been helping me improve my posture. It’s nice to work on my whole body.”

“Exercise class has helped me with my knee pain. I do Sarah's exercises every day in my room and she helps me work on every part of my body.” 
When the pandemic hit, it was instantly clear that many changes were coming that would affect the daily lives of residents and staff. With a lot of patience and perseverance, staff confronted these changes head on, with positivity and creativity, to ensure that residents continued receiving the best care possible. "The team’s ability to be proactive in meeting and exceeding residents’ needs has made all the difference, especially in the last year," says Dana.

The high standard of care for residents would not be possible without great partnerships and wonderful professionals who truly care about the residents as much as we do. Dr. David Lee, a psychologist from CHE Behavioral Health Services, provides his services to residents when they are facing challenges, and need someone to talk to.

"Making the adjustments to assisted living is hard enough by itself, but when you add the additional stress of the pandemic, the stressors and challenges are overwhelming at times. I consider it a privilege and honor to be able to visit with residents and provide the emotional, social and psychological support they need to cope and manage the stress of this global pandemic. It is my intent that the psychological services I offer can help alleviate and manage the anxiety and depression that residents are experiencing during these difficult times," Dr. Lee says.
Dr. Lee playing piano for residents at the end of one of his sessions.

Another friendly face the residents often see on campus is Tania Lawniczak, a nurse practitioner who serves residents through our partnership with Mobile Primary Care. Dosberg Manor Resident Care Manager, Mary Beth Doster, sings her praises:

“Tania has been a proactive member of our team, assessing all the challenges of the pandemic and how they have impacted residents as individuals. She encourages residents to see our psychologist when needed and to participate in physical and occupational therapy as much as possible. Residents are in good hands under Tania’s care.”

Residents also have access to our home care services any time they need it. Pat Graff, Director of Home Care Services, says:

“The home care services that we offer to assisted living residents in the comfort of their own apartments has offered added protection to seniors throughout the pandemic. Often, the care we provide, whether it’s wound care, blood pressure monitoring or diabetes management, helps people avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office and avoid potential exposure to COVID-19. Our therapists have been instrumental in preserving residents' strength and endurance during this confinement brought on by the pandemic."

And, when the holidays came around, we knew our residents would need some additional love and care. With everyone missing their families and the holidays looking a little different, Resident Care Coordinator, Deb Marshall, had a great idea to coordinate and distribute surprise holiday gift bags to residents. When asked what inspired her to do this, she said:

“Because [they] are unable to physically be with family for the holidays, I wanted the residents to feel and know that they are not forgotten and, although they are not blood, they are a part of our Dosberg family.” 
If you’re interested in learning more about life at Dosberg Manor, please contact Anna Jacobi at ajacobi@weinbergcampus.org
Letters of Thanks
...from a family member of a Rosa Coplon resident
"All of you are our heroes! You have been at this non-stop for almost 11 months and we never hear a complaint, just "we are happy to do what we do and to be of service". All we can say is WOW! Know that you are all in our prayers for strength, comfort, protection from the virus, and for things returning to normal."
...from a family member of a Dosberg Manor resident
"Your care and concern for our mom has been above and beyond and we are truly grateful. It's hard to know how to express our appreciation and words aren't really adequate, but do please know that all the extra things you've done for our mom have not gone unnoticed. You are truly a caregiver worth your weight in gold!"
Photo Gallery
Our activities directors take great pride in keeping residents active with a variety of safe activities that incorporate social distancing and individual participation. Here are some snapshots from the past month! As always, you can check out our activities calendars online. Click the links below or visit: www.weinbergcampus.org/News-Events/Activities-Calendar.aspx.

Residents celebrating Hanukkah, and enjoying the piano!
Potato latkes are served. Yum!
Pictures with Santa, Christmas caroling, and delicious snacks were such a treat for all!
And, don't forget to send cards! Garden House Activities Coordinator, Brennan Costello, made personalized holiday cards as a special gift for residents to send to their families.
Ringing in the New Year, with a special visit from our favorite canine friend, Gigi!
New Employees December 2020
Saggittrous Brown, PCA, Dosberg Manor
Emily Cook, COTA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Carol Darrow, Activities Assistant, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Lamorris Elliot Jr., Housekeeper
Stephen Fisher, Housekeeper
Monica Frazier, LPN, Unit Nurse Supervisor, Dosberg Manor
Cassandra Hafner, HR Assistant
Elizabeth Halvachs, Resident Counselor, Greenwood
Jacinda McGilveary, CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Alexandria Nowicki, Resident Counselor, Greenwood
New Year, New Recipes!