July 2019

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Message From The President
“You flew by like a summer vacation.” That line, in a song by the band Crash Test Dummies, is one of my favorite lyrics. Summer is finally here in western New York and it’s a great time of year. But it does fly by too fast.
Unfortunately Weinberg’s sale to Elderwood has not moved as quickly as we had anticipated. It is a complicated transaction with a lot of moving parts. New York State Department of Health is still reviewing three Certificate of Need applications for the sale to Elderwood. While the exact timetable is still uncertain, the reviews are moving forward and I am confident about their ultimate approval. And as I have mentioned before, our sale to Elderwood is a good thing for our community, our staff, and our residents, clients and their families, as the excellent services we provide will be secure well into the future.
I know that many of our staff members are curious about what will happen with things like compensation, benefits, uniforms, and other kinds of human resources topics. When we chose Elderwood to be our buyer, we knew we were choosing an organization that treated its employees well. And both I and the leadership at Elderwood know that we need to provide our employees with ample time and information to help them plan for their transition to a new employer. Once we get final approval from the Department of Health and the other regulatory agencies involved in reviewing the sale, we will be able to schedule the closing and Elderwood will be able to hold informational meetings that will allow them to work closely with our valued employees to ensure a smooth transition.
I continue to appreciate everyone’s patience during this process. If only summer lasted as long as our sale process!
Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at  [email protected]  or 716-639-3311 ext. 2468.
What's New
Summer Safety: What You Should Know
It's summer! The season when we enjoy golden rays of sunshine, outdoor activities and barbecues. But being outdoors in the heat can be difficult for many of us, especially as we age.

"Seniors have a greater risk of health problems due to the summer heat, such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. Likewise, certain prescription medications and chronic health conditions can cause sun sensitivity," says Heather Martindale, RN, MSN, Director of Nursing, Rosa Coplon Living Center.

How can seniors beat the heat? Here are five important tips that Heather recommends as outdoor temperatures rise.

1. Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when there is a loss of water in your body. It can cause confusion, muscle cramps, headaches, and weakness. In the most extreme cases, it can cause fainting. Always make sure to bring a drink of water or other clear liquids to drink when you go outdoors during the summer. Avoid anything that contains caffeine or alcohol as much as possible, as those products can contribute to dehydration instead of preventing it. If a caregiver brings you outside, be sure to ask for a tall glass of water.

2. Find Shady Areas

Anytime that you plan on being outdoors for an extended period, you should look for a shady spot to stay cool. You may want to adjust your schedule and make plans later in the evening once the sun begins to set to avoid the hot outdoor temperatures.

3. Wear Cool, Breathable Clothing

Dark-colored clothing can absorb heat and cause you to feel warmer than usual. To stay comfortable, make sure to wear loose or light-colored clothing when spending time outside. Seniors should also consider wearing a large brimmed hat to shield the sun from faces and eyes.

4. Don't Forget the Sunscreen

Even if you plan to stay in the shade, it is still possible to get a sunburn. Use a quality sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 or higher. Sunburns can be extremely uncomfortable, and prolonged exposure to the harmful rays can also cause various types of skin cancer. For sensitive skin, try a chemical-fee sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

5. Protect Eyes

Wear sunglasses! Not only will you look cool, but most sunglasses contain protective coatings that block damaging UV rays. If you wear glasses and don't have prescription sunglasses, options are available that fit over your glasses.

By following these tips, you can stay cool and enjoy a happy, healthy summer!
Summer Vacation Care Now Available
Expert Tips For A Better Night's Sleep
When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?

For many, sleep doesn't come easy. Up to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome. Nights are spent staring at the walls as insomnia takes control, or frequently waking from snoring or gasping for air due to untreated obstructive sleep apnea. Fortunately, achieving the recommended seven hours of healthy sleep and managing a sleep disorder is possible with help.

"Sleep should be a restorative experience, but sleep disorders are notorious for robbing us of that nightly pleasure," said Patti Van Landingham, chair of the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS). "Whether recently diagnosed with a sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea, or just noticing warning signs, such as snoring, choking during sleep or fatigue and daytime sleepiness, people need to seek support so that they can experience the joy of sleep again."

However, where do you start and what resources are available? The AAHS, a patient-focused membership organization made up of health care providers and patients with sleep disorders, shares the following tips to manage your sleep better:

Talk to your doctor - As a society, we often deprioritize sleep issues despite a patient's need to address a lack of sleep. Many patients do not proactively talk to their primary care physician about their sleep during routine exams, mainly due to a perceived high cost of treatment. By asking the right questions or finding an accredited sleep center for testing and consultation, you're one step closer to a good night's sleep. A sleep physician can help outline a treatment strategy that can last a lifetime, helping you take back control and reduce the cycle of the frustration of losing valuable sleep.

Stay up to date - It's an exciting time in the sleep field, and advancements are on the horizon. From new sleep monitoring technology and more comfortable positive airway pressure machines, researchers continue to focus on new ways to provide high-quality patient-centered care. By joining together, patients and their family members can learn more about healthy sleep, access exclusive news affecting the sleep community and ultimately be a part of a collaborative discussion that furthers the success of the sleep disorders community. To learn more about improving your life through healthy sleep, visit www.sleepallies.org .

Source: Brandpoint
Quick Reference Guide To Weinberg Campus
New to Weinberg Campus and all the services available? Here's your handy overview of the full continuum of care right here on our main Campus.

Forest Creek offers one- and two-bedroom apartments with up to 1,170 square feet of living space, with fully equipped kitchens, walk-in showers, dining options, activities and weekly housekeeping.

The Meadows provides a little extra support, such as personal care and medication assistance. One-bedroom apartments include kitchenettes and private baths. Residents enjoy continental breakfast and restaurant-style lunch and dinner daily, activities and a variety of other amenities.

Dosberg Manor offers two levels of care - an adult home and licensed assisted living - for people who need various amounts of supervision to feel safe and secure. Private rooms and 24-hour services are included, along with three meals a day served in the dining room.

Garden House is a licensed residence that offers three levels of assisted living, including memory care. Located in a separate building on Campus, Garden House features furnished studio apartments, enclosed courtyard and open community spaces for meals and activities.

Rosa Coplon Living Center provides 24-hours nursing care. Large, private rooms are available, along with a few shared rooms.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Inpatient rehabilitation is available following an illness, injury or surgical procedure, with therapy services six days per week and 24-hour care.

In addition, outpatient physical therapy is also available for 1:1 treatment. An indoor, heated therapy pool is also onsite.

Free home care evaluations from a registered nurse are available to individuals who are on the mend from an injury or illness, returning home after a surgery, or have an ongoing health condition that requires a little extra support.

Looking for more information? Contact Anna at [email protected] or (716) 631-3332.
Refresh Yourself With Healthy Mocktails
What's better on a hot summer day than relaxing with a cold, delicious frozen drink? Instead of reaching for the same old boring beverage, mix up something fun, nutritious and tasty.

"When we serve mocktails at our community open house events here at Weinberg Campus, they are always a big hit," says Amy Hashemi, Director of Residential Services. "We recommend skipping the dehydrating alcohol, additives and refined sugar, and opting for a flavorful fruit-based drink. It replenishes your fluids, while providing nutrients your body needs," says Amy.

When you add fruits like bananas to your mocktail, you benefit from natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Bananas are also a great source of potassium, which can help control blood pressure. Next time you're thirsty for a cool drink on a hot day, try this super refreshing recipe:

Banana Colada Mocktail

1 frozen banana
1 cup coconut water 
1 cup pineapple or orange juice 
Sprigs of fresh mint 
1 lime

Mix banana, coconut water and juice in blender. Pour in glass and garnish with mint and lime. (Serves 1.) Enjoy!
Letters of Thanks
To my special friend and adopted sister, Hope,

I want to thank you for everything you do for me and being there to listen to my problems. There is always a special place in my heart for you.

Assisted Living Resident
Dear Garden House Staff,

Thank you for the gentle, loving care you provided during [our family member's] 3+ years at Garden House.

It was a blessing for our family to know she was in such a compassionate and caring atmosphere.

-Family of Resident
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Monthly Activities For Residents
Welcome New Employees
June 2019
Nonzenzele Adisa , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Antonio Arrington , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Cristyl Boyer , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Mufiyda Burke , LPN, Unit Nurse Supervisor, Dosberg Manor
Chontavia Degree , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
David Duncan , RN, Supervisor, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Moire Eppes , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
D'era Fambo , PCA, Dosberg Manor
Ronda Ferguson , LPN, Nurse Supervisor, Dosberg Manor
James Gant , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Charles Grimes, Jr. , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Crystal Hicks , LPN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Brigitta Hinge , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Anthony Horton, Jr. , Food Service Worker
Susan Horvatits , Resident Counselor, Greenwood
Robin Jasper , LPN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Isaiah Jefferson , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Janaira Jones , Housekeeper
Rebecca Kozlowski , RN, Supervisor, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Nigel Law , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Kiandra Liggans , PCA, Dosberg Manor
Rochelle Lombardo , Medical Assistant, PACE Clinic
Tsahi Maden , Food Service Worker
Brianna McQuiller , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Kyla Miles , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Kevon Mixon , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Mallory Moebs , RN, Garden House
Daja Pitts , Food Service Worker               
Raven Ross , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Jennifer Sims , LPN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Anthony Skipper , Housekeeper
Dennise Toure , LPN, Unit Nurse Supervisor, Dosberg Manor
Mariah Wilson , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Meet Mallory Moebs, RN
Weinberg Campus is pleased to Welcome Mallory Moebs, RN, as the Nurse Manager of Garden House Enhanced and Special Needs Memory Care Assisted Living.
Mallory brings more than 15 years of healthcare experience to her position, most recently as a cardiac and OB nurse at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. She has also worked at Orchard Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Medina.
Mallory attended Niagara County Community College and University at Buffalo where she earned bachelor's degrees in both business and nursing.
"I am enjoying getting to know the residents, families and staff. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful," says Mallory.
When Mallory isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her 11-year-old daughter. 
Mallory can be reached at (716) 639-3311 ext. 2402 or [email protected].
Photo Gallery
Elvis (a.k.a Terry Buchwald) Rocked The House
Weinberg Campus held its annual Summer Pops concert on July 10 for residents, employees and the Buffalo community.
A big crowd danced and sang along to Elvis hits performed by tribute artist Terry Buchwald.
Captured Moments On Candid Camera
Thumbs up to all dads who celebrated Father's Day!
Garden House residents hone their artistic skills.
What's a 4th of July celebration without making festive jewelry to wear?
Residents exercise their green thumbs with gardening activities.
The resident choral group Weinberg Warblers practice with live piano music.
Party time! Garden House residents don leis for a Summer Party.