Leading Through Change
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Penn Today (February 10, 2021) featured Dr. Mamta Accapadi, the Vice Provost for University Life, who began her tenure at Penn in August 2020. Her introduction to the University coincides with the pandemic and the remote work/learning environment, yet Dr. Accapadi immediately identified strategies to create relationships with her colleagues in University Life and in other departments and has been "building bridges and authentic relationships by meeting with student leaders from the Undergraduate Assembly (UA), the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA), Penn Athletics, and the cultural centers" (Penn Today, K. Garcia).  
Image from Penn Today of Dr. Mamta Accapadi 
One of the defining characteristics of a leader is to be a change-maker. Being genuine, caring, compassionate can lead to strong coalitions and relationships. Some students might believe that they do not have the ability to be a leader, but this is far from the truth. Leadership emerges in different ways. Brene Brown asserts that "anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential" displays leadership.  
As we near the one-year milestone of confronting the pandemic, many people have demonstrated their ability to recognize and harness other's ability to achieve. Think about your accomplishments during this past year, especially if you are living in a College House this semester. It takes courage to hold students accountable if they fail to wear masks or practice social distancing; however, you are being a good citizen of the community when you identify inappropriate behavior. By following your conscience and recognizing your speech and action can make for a more harmonious, hospitable living environment, you are displaying care for others. The Weingarten Center too continues to adapt as a result of the pandemic. Instead of holding our annual one-day Disability Symposium, it will be scheduled in 5 presentations during March/April. The theme, Changing Landscapes, symbolizes how the work of disability educators evolves and adapts to life events such as the switch to remote learning/working during the pandemic. It is often said that change is hard, and it can be if we fail to have exceptional leaders to guide and inspire. Find your inner leadership qualities to create change on campus, in the community.
Student Disabilities Services & CAPS 
Workshop Series 

Flourishing_ Conversations on Disability Flyer
Flourishing: Conversations on Disability offers workshops that aim to promote the mental health and wellness of students living with disabilities through naming unique challenges and recognizing each students' strengths and resilience. Student Disabilities Services and CAPS invite you to register for one or all of the upcoming programs.
Disability Symposium: Changing Landscapes
Since we cannot celebrate our collegiality in person, we will take the next best step and hold virtual presentations to share and learn more about issues that impact our work, our life. Please refer to the schedule and presentation topics. BlueJeans Events will be the platform used for the presentations. Registration is required to attend a presentation; the registration links will be available two weeks prior to the first event on March 11th. With BlueJeans Event, attendees can use the closed captioning option to access the event. However, if you believe that you will require a specific accommodation, please send an e-mail to vpul-wlrc@pobox.upenn.edu with details.
March 11, 2021 (12pm - 1pm EST)
Understanding the Needs of College Students with Autism
Presenters: Jessica Monahan, Ph.D., Brian Freedman, Ph.D., Wes Garton, M.S., Kerry Pini
March 18, 2021 (12pm - 1pm EST)
Integrating Access and Inclusion into the Remote Learning Environment
Presenter: Shelby Acteson, M.Ed.

March 25, 2021 (12pm - 1pm EST)
Advocating for "Beyond Compliance" through Partnerships between Faculty and Disability Service
Presenters: Justin E. Freedman, Ph.D., Alicia M. Drelick, Ed.D., Casey L. Woodfield, Ph.D., John Woodruff, M.S.
April 1, 2021 (12pm - 1pm EST)
The Necessity to go Beyond Accommodations: When the Match to Functional Impacts Fail
Presenters: Alexandra Schmied, M.S., Dolly Singley, Ph.D., Michelle Koch, Ed.S., Katie O'Brien, M.S.
Thursday, April 8, 2021 (12pm - 1:30pm EST)
Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We Are Going:  Disability Services in the Age of the Pandemic
Presenters: Jane Jarrow, Ph.D., and Jamie Axelrod, M.S.

Sustaining Women's Progress in STEM 2021
Flyer for Sustaining Women in STEM
In collaboration with esteemed colleagues across Penn, the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs and the Weingarten Center host an annual symposium focused on Women in STEM. Each year, this event is held in March to celebrate & honor the Women's History Month. Each year, the event has been fully subscribed. 
This year's virtual symposium is titled Sustaining Women's Progress in STEM and will take place on Tuesday, March 23, 12-1:30 p.m. EST.  We have an amazing agenda, which starts with a session welcome by Jenea Adams, a Ph.D. student in Genomics and Computational Sciences. This will be followed with opening remarks by Beth Winkelstein, Ph.D., Deputy Provost and Eduardo D. Glandt, President's Distinguished Professor. Vijay Kumar, Ph.D., Nemirovsky Family Dean of Penn Engineering will deliver the keynote. The finale will include an exciting feature by the Penn Innovation Center to spotlight female entrepreneurs at Penn.
Virtual registrations for this popular event are sold out, but please keep up to date with events on the  OAA-EOP website. 

STEM Learning, Poetry, and Student Engagement 
STEM Learning Specialist, Gabriel Angrand, was profiled in The Daily Pennsylvanian earlier this month as he anticipates the publication of his second book of poetry, "Love, God," on February 26th.  
Screen shot of article in The Daily Pennsylvanian
In the article, Gabe highlights his ongoing work of continually developing resources for and meaningful connections with students through innovative initiatives such as peer-led study groups and Weingarten Ambassadors.
Tutoring Services
Tutoring Services offers Penn undergraduate students free, accessible, and convenient options to supplement their academic experience. 
Satellite Tutoring is a great service for students who need occasional support or have quick questions about the subjects offered. This is also a good resource if you are waiting to be matched with a weekly tutor. Your interactions with the tutor will likely be in small groups. 
No appointment is needed and you can stop by as often as you need! The schedule for each term is typically released in week 1 of a new term and hours usually begin during week 2. The schedule may be updated throughout the term. If you have any questions, email tuteehelpdesk@vpul.upenn.edu.
Customized Learning Strategies Workshops

Now that we are six weeks into the spring semester, many student organizations, faculty, and campus partners are seeking customized learning strategies workshops for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. If you would bring a group of students together with one of our learning specialists to strategies tailored to their academic demands and experiences, please fill out our Workshop Request Form. We are flexible in accommodating a wide range of topics, interests, and schedules!

Learning specialists help students with study strategies_ time management_ exam prep_taking_ academic reading and writing_ productivity_ communication and engagement_ and transtion_integration

You can also check out any of these great workshop recordings:
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Weingarten at Home: Sabria Kegler

Sabria Kegler began her new role as Associate Director of Student Disabilities Services on February 8th after serving as the Exam Accommodations Coordinator for the past two years. As an Associate Director, Sabria is excited to have more direct contact with students, using her skills and experience to offer support and share resources that allow students to access their best selves.She is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where students
Image of Sabria Kegler working at home
feel welcomed an
d engaged in their interactions with SDS and the Weingarten Center.   
In her spare time, Sabria has taken on a DIY project with her mother of  restoring 92-year-old wood floors. Most recently the section that she has been spending the most time working on is the staircase.
To learn more about the Weingarten team, check out our Ask the Staff feature on the Weingarten Blog.  
Featured Resource: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

I-CARE is an interactive training that builds a caring community with the skills and resources to intervene in student stress, distress, and crisis. I-CARE Training for staff is taking place on Thursday, February 25 and I-CARE Training for students will take place on Saturday, April 10. Register for I-CARE. In addition, CAPS is hosting a number of virtual groups/workshops throughout the semester, including the joint venture with Student Disabilities Services - Flourishing: Conversations on Disability. Keep up with great programming from CAPS and other partners from Penn's Student Wellness Division by following @WellnessAtPenn on Instagram and Facebook. All students, faculty, and staff are also invited to check out Wellnest, a gamified mindfulness app that encourages mindful self-reflection and journaling through daily prompts and mood check-ins.