August 31, 2017
What's New?
Another Rock On The Road

Earlier this week, the Government announced that starting October 1, 2017 they will expand the requirement of an in-person interview for Adjustment Of Status based on employment and Asylum petitions; these categories were exempt of interview until this announcement. We expect delays and increase in the fees for these processes due to this change. 
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What Do You Think About Our New Look?

This month we are coming out with an announcement of our own. Our new website is now officially launched! We have been working hard to put it together and we are happy to announce our new website and team image! Our marketing team has been investing months of hard work and we are very happy to finally launch the new Visa Pros site. New videos are coming soon too!

We hope you like our new website and you find it easy to navigate and locate the information that you are looking for. We reorganized all the content and did so in a way that it would make it more accessible and intuitive for you to be able to find the information that you are looking for and you need and make it the best source for all your immigration information related needs. We appreciate any feedback that you may have as we improve our new website for the future.

We also want to thank  Tipomedia, our web development team from Spain for their great work and having the patience to incorporate all the changes and ideas that we had. 
Tip Of The Month
Reinvention and renewal are crucial in life. Since the only fixed thing in life is the fact that it constantly changes, we must adapt and evolve if we want to grow and achieve our goals. New technologies force us to renew and reinvent the way we act, interact and do business, and the people and businesses that do not keep up with the changes stay behind.  Move forward to keep up with the changing environment. When you stop moving you may get stuck behind.