February 29, 2016
Don't miss it! H-1B season is almost over!
H-1B season is peaking right now. Don't miss the opportunity to prepare your H-1B application or the H-1B applications for your employees so that you do not miss the April 1 st deadline to apply. This month it is crucial that you start your application now. 

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Love. With A Capital L

This month, we wanted to introduce you to a wonderful couple we have been working with for the last two years. Please meet Jose and Hugo. We will let them tell you their story. 
My name is Jose. I am a naturalized United States citizen since 2006. I met Hugo in 2008 and have to say that from the very beginning I knew he was the person I had been looking for all my life. We shared a lot of things, came from the same country (Mexico) and have faced similar problems and troubles in the past.
We started dating and eventually moved in together in 2009. We wanted to get married, but we knew it wasn't possible. We found out about our marriage being legal in certain states. New York was one of them. We traveled there in September of 2013, got married and immediately began to do research about immigration lawyers here in Atlanta, where we live, because Hugo had to fix his immigration status. After a lot of research and calling different attorneys, I found Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. It had great reviews.When I called them, they were the only ones that made us feel we can trust them. 

After the first visit they reviewed our case and gave us hope about Hugo becoming a permanent resident. We met Nellie and Lisa. They both worked really hard and  always answered every question we had during the whole process. We felt they really cared and and treated us like family. Our consular appointment was on January 19, 2016 and got the green card on February 20, 2016. We even flew to Mexico to visit Hugo┬┤s parents who hadn't seen Hugo for 10 years and didn't have any idea that he was in the process of getting his immigration status fixed. We are so thankful to Nellie and Lisa. We would greatly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great immigration lawyers because they are the best.  
Th ere are many different kinds of relationships and we should celebrate them all.  Don't be too judgmental.  Being judgmental hurts yo u in the long run. We all come from different places and have our  own  struggles.  Be loving and accepting and welcoming of other people.   Tolerance to others is a trait the best people share in common . How you treat other people is often how other people treat you in return.