February 24, 2017
Where the Current Administration Is Going in Immigration  
Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security released more details about their intent on deportation of undocumented immigrants. Some of the president's ambitions are to publicize crimes by undocumented immigrants, strip them of privacy protections, enlist local police officers as enforcers, erect new detention facilities, discourage asylum seekers and, ultimately, speed up deportations. 
Stay in Good Terms with your Neighbors 

President Trump has also threatened to end NAFTA - the North American Free Trade Agreement. If NAFTA is terminated, all the TN visas to nationals of Canada and Mexico will also go away. It is an extreme measure that we hope will not happen as it will hurt the U.S. financial interests and human interests. One of our clients that may be affected by these policy changes is our client Jessica Perez, for whom we obtained a TN visa. Jessica has a degree in Economics and International Business and specializes in International Markets and Logistics. 

Twelve years ago, Jessica started working in the perishable division of an international logistic company and since then she has worked with all kind of perishables. She found her calling in this industry because of helping small producers in Mexico to accomplish their dreams of sharing their products with the world, and helps them to take away the fear of the unknown and teach them how easy it can be to export produce to the world if you have the right tools and knowledge.
Six years ago, she was helping a U.S. company based in Atlanta as an intermediary between them and growers in South Mexico and found the language barrier was a big impediment for them to feel confident about making a larger investment in Mexico. Jessica worked with both sides to give structure, planning and built a logistic infrastructure that was profitable money and time-wise. Their investment grew from 50 hectares to almost 350 hectares in 3 years. Mexico is a huge resource of fresh produce and food for the United States. After a couple of years, the company offere d her a position in their company in Atlanta, and this is when we met her, when she came to us to help with her visa. 

It has been a pleasure to work with Jessica and thanks to her and other people like her, the trade relationship between neighbors United States and Mexico is much smoother and satisfactory for both seller and buyer. The American consumers benefit from this free trade relationship tremendously as they can buy fresh produce for a reasonable cost in a free market. This is why it is crucial that the NAFTA treaty stays as it is, because it would be a terrible blow for the U.S. economy if it went away. 
The latest news, like the memo that was just released earlier this week, are scary. We are getting many clients and friends that call worried about what may happen. If you hear something that concerns you or that you think may harm you, call an immigration attorney. Instead of worrying maybe unnecessarily, check with an expert first and seek help if you could need it.