July 3, 2017
Travel Ban Goes Forward
The U.S. government is applying its "Travel Ban". After months of fighting in the courts, finally the Executive Order known as "Travel Ban" is implemented and now in effect since Thursday, June 29, 2017. 
Important Things to Know About the Travel Ban

What does the travel ban mean for you or your employees? This basically means that foreign nationals who were born in Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan will have to prove they have "standing" before the U.S. government in order to enter the U.S. 

Anyone who does not have a relationship within the U.S. with a family member, entity or employer is now banned from entering the U.S. based on this executive order. That is because the courts determined people who just come for a visit like tourists do not have sufficient ties to sue the government. People who can still enter based on the courts injunctions include those who have a close relationship with someone already in the United States (meaning specifically parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling). If there is not a close family member, the relationship needs to be with an entity such as a school where the person is enrolled or an employer for whom they are working or have a job offer to work. 

This requirement makes it especially difficult for refugees and asylum seekers without ties because many of them are fleeing harm and persecution in their home countries.

There are exempt categories to this rule, which include people who were born in these countries but are also U.S. citizens, dual citizens (for example of Canada or other countries not included in the travel ban), legal permanent residents (green card holders), people who already have a visa and those who are applying for a visa and were in the United States as of June 26 and refugees already admitted to the U.S.   
To celebrate July 4th Independence Day we want to give thanks to and to celebrate the contributions of all naturalized American Citizens, who came to the U.S. despite numerous hardships, went through the trials and tribulations of applying for visas, green cards, citizenship and helped their families, friends, employers and communities. We want a diverse, tolerant America where everyone is welcomed and has the opportunity to build a better future. We appreciate your contributions and everything you had to go through to get this far.