March 31, 2016
Welcome Spring! 
Spring has come to us a few weeks early in the beginning of March. Spring brings not only beautiful blooms and colors around; it is also the season for change, growth and hope. Unfortunately, only a few days ago we heard about terror and hate in the news. The answer to horror and hate has to be unity and hope. Light is the only thing that conquers the darkness. We want to share with you the hopes of millions of people in the upcoming supreme court "DAPA" case, which will be heard in April so you can better understand the issues behind the rhetoric you hear in the news. 
There Is Hope

This is the story of millions of people who are living in the United States who either crossed the border without a visa, or came with a visa and overstayed. They arrived with hopes and dreams for a better future for themselves and their families, and with the tenacity to work hard and build a better life. They include parents of U.S. citizens that have no criminal history, who work hard for a living to support their families. Currently the law prohibits them from legalizing their status because there are no options. Congress has refused to act on this important immigration and humanitarian issue and therefore President Obama issued an Executive Action to allow people who meet these qualifications to receive a temporary stay from removal and a work card.

The Supreme Court will hear the case in mid April. It is about lifting the injunction that a Texas judge issued one year ago enjoining the federal government from implementing this measure. This is a result of a lawsuit brought on by Texas and a number of Republican controlled states against the measure. All immigration advocates, human rights groups and experts support lifting this injunction because it conflicts with the Federal supremacy rule - and that is that the Federal government's ruling controls states in certain things over which the federal government has control, including immigration, taxes, etc.

We hope that the Supreme Court will be courageous and help support the hopes of millions of families, who will be able to help improve their lives and boost the U.S. economy in each one of their communities.
There is exhaustive research on what would be the economic consequences of legalizing the 5 million undocumented people who meet the President's requirements. Lead economists all agree that there will be significant increase in income taxes paid and profits for both the states where they live in and the U.S. as a whole.

It only seems like a common sense decision that they will allow all these longtime residents who have been here for many years to have a chance at happiness together with their families. We believe there is hope. And spring will come. 

Hope is one of the best of human emotions. It can motivate people to action and when you combine hope with something that is 
meaningful to you, it brings out incredible resources and courage that you have within you. We do hope that the injunction will be lifted 
and all the people eligible to the Executive Action plan will be able to benefit from it. We want you to remember that it is not only 
an economic issue. It is one of human kindness as well.