March 31, 2017
Changes in our Team! 
We are happy to announce that our legal assistant Laura Quinche has been promoted to Paralegal. Laura will join our family immigration team and help our attorneys to prepare family-based immigrant visa petitions and consular processing cases, including hardship waivers and provisional waivers for spouses of U.S. citizens. Laura is from Ecuador and bilingual in both Spanish and English. We send success wishes to Laura in her new role.
21st Century Native Innovation 

March is our firm's busiest month of the year, not because of spring but because we have to prepare many H-1B visa applications for professionals to be filed by the first week of April in order for them to have a chance of getting selected in the H-1B lottery. We want to share Via's story as one of the most unique technology companies who needs professional and specialized employees. 

Via Transportation, Inc. is a company headquartered in New York with a 21 st Century business model. Via has built a revolutionary on-demand rideshare platform that seamlessly connects passengers and drivers in real-time. Based on extremely complex algorithms, Via's app is able to aggregate multiple passengers with similar destinations into a single vehicle and allows them to share a ride in a cost-effective way. Via currently operates in New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC, three of the biggest and most congested cities in the country. Via brings together people traveling along a similar route, making it convenient for the passengers and giving them a better price and experience.

Bringing Via's unique technology to operate effectively requires extremely high expertise in operations, analytics, complex systems algorithms, and complex mathematical formulas, which is why they turned to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to assist with filing H-1B visas in order for Via to attract and retain the very best talent for its ridesharing platform and technology. 

If you live in New York, Chicago or Washington D.C. or are just visiting these places, try Via's service and you will understand why everyone is talking about it. Additional information about them can be found at

Because there are not enough H-1B visas available by Congress, companies like Via need to have a good contingency plan of what to do in case their H-1B applications are not selected. Setbacks in life and in business will surely happen and having a good backup plan will alleviate some of these setbacks and help individuals and organizations to respond in the best possible manner to an unexpected crisis or emergency. A good contingency plan should include any event that might disrupt company operations but some companies do not want to spend the resources to prepare for events that are unlikely (like an earthquake in Atlanta). We recommend to all our clients to at least make an assessment of events that are likely to happen and make the right backup plans for the most likely setbacks.