October 27, 2017
What's New?
More Difficulties For Work Sponsorship

This week, DHS released a Memo that rescinds the prior one regarding USCIS giving deference to prior nonimmigrant visa approvals when filing extensions for the same company when the employee and the facts remain the same. This means that from now on, extensions of work visas will be scrutinized just as much as new petitions, even for extensions with the same employer and employee, delaying the process and potentially leading to additional requests for additional evidence and denials. This is a huge waste of USCIS resources and part of the Trump administration's goal to make life more difficult for immigrants, including legal immigrants. 
Featured Story
They Are Getting On To Business Owners Too

The new administration is only making it harder and harder for foreigners to move to the U.S., including investors and business owners. Over the last 10 years we have seen many studies published that prove there is a higher percentage of entrepreneurs who are foreign born (including founders of well-known unicorn companies as Ebay, Google and Tesla).

This month we want to share the story of Adrian and Expand-a-Brand. We first met Adrian in 2012, when he was planning to bring his signage business from South Africa to the U.S. We assisted him with the complex process of establishing his operations in the country, while also working on getting him and his family a visa so they could move with him to the United States to set up and manage the new office and the company's expansion.

Within a few months they started selling their beautiful custom-made signs and branding materials manufactured by their parent company in South Africa. With time, Adrian and his family went from being here on a temporary work visa and recently became permanent residents in the U.S.. The family had its challenges with the initial move, getting accustomed to life in the U.S. and dealing with across-the-ocean move. Adrian also had to go through the challenges of expanding his own brand in the U.S. marketplace and dealing with a different corporate culture.

They became a greatly successful company that has provided signs and branding solutions for Oakley, Toyota and Coca Cola. We also work with them whenever we have a trade show that we need signs for and they are always extremely helpful and professional. You can check them out here.
Tip Of The Month
It is scary (even more than Halloween) to even be a legal immigrant or the employer of an immigrant these days. The Trump administration is cracking down on all types of legal visa petitions for both company and employee. What do you do in the face of fear? First, acknowledge what you are feeling. Second, step out to view your fear and other feelings objectively from the outside looking in; is it all in your head? Is it based on facts? Are you likely to panic or overreact? Once you have an accurate take assess your options and use this fear to motivate you to take action and overcome the situation.