September 29, 2017
What's New?
Changes in TPS and Travel Ban 3.0

Earlier this month, the government decided to terminate Temporary Protected Status for Sudan as of November 2018 and it has been extended for South Sudan for 18 months. In addition, the Trump administration expanded the travel ban except for people with close American family members. The travel ban has been extended to include non-immigrant and immigrant citizens of Chad, Iran (except for students and exchange visitors on F M and J visas), Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, as well as citizens of Venezuela who are temporary visitors or government officials. Law suits are undoubtedly to follow.
Featured Story
DACA Termination: A Terrible Idea

This month we want to share with you the story of one of our clients, who is one of our first DACA cases. She came from Jamaica at the early age of 9 to be with her dad after her mom had passed away and she didn't have any other family back in her country.

She came with a visitor visa and overstayed it. She then went through high school and later found a job. Now she is a grown woman, with a child of her own, a U.S. citizen who sadly has autism. This has been a tremendous challenge for a single mom, who has been going to therapy with her son ever since he was diagnosed to make sure that he gets the best treatment possible.

She just recently renewed her DACA for another two years, so she will be able to continue offering her little boy the medical assistance and support that he needs for now. She has been educated in the U.S., worked in the U.S., paid her taxes all these years and is a great example of the millions of DACA recipients who help our county. 

Once her DACA expires, if Congress or the President do not do something about it, she will not have a choice but leave and go to a country that she does not know, where she doesn't have any family members or friends and doesn't know if she will be able to provide her son with the care he needs. 
Tip Of The Month
Our clients and we need to keep fighting for immigration reform to allow more people to achieve their American dream. We want to ask each of you who read our newsletter to call your Congressional representatives and Senators in Washington D.C. in order to push them for a comprehensive immigration reform that will include a solution to have DACA permanently available for these young adults and provide them a path to permanent residency in the country where they call home.