Good Morning,

Are you feeling Weird and Wonderful today??  Since it is a rainy day today I thought I'd give you some things to do inside.

Weird and Wonderful Science:

Grow Overnight Salt Crystals- Crystals are one of those things that you can stare at for hours and get mesmerized by all the cool shapes, peaks and how the sun shines through it.

Gelatin Streaking- I wasn't sure if I was going to post this because you may not have these materials at home.  However, I thought this was so cool so if you can't make it now, save it in your files for future adventures.

Elephant Toothpaste- If you remember from one of my previous posts, Elephants are my favorite animal.  So just in case one day I get a pet elephant (not sure my house is big enough though), I'll be prepared to make sure his teeth are nice and clean.

Dancing Oobleck- This group took making Oobleck to a whole new level.  They now make it dance!!  Everything is better with some good music!!

Scented Rainbow Science- They say this is for preschoolers, but I'm an adult and I think it is cool!

Swimming Spaghetti- Maybe have two pots going at the same time.  One for the experiment and one for cooking spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Make sure you don't mix them up.  

And for your parents & staff- My house is always filled with music (I have two DJs in the family).  We love to go to concerts and Broadway shows.  So we've been researching Live Feeds of music.  Here is Living Room Concerts.  If you are on Facebook, you should check out Quarantine Karaoke.  We've laughed, danced and cried watching.  The world is filled with some amazing singers of all ages.  I would love to know if any of you sign on it.  

Don't forget to send me your recipes!  You can email them to by Friday, April 10th.

Also, something BIG is happening on Good Friday and Easter Monday!  I am putting together a Virtual Vacation Camp those two days.  You will receive an email tomorrow with all the information.  I will be using Google Classroom, since I know many of your children are familiar with it from Distance Learning.  I'm really excited to offer your children two days full of fun!!

Keep letting me know what you are doing to stay busy!  I love getting all of your emails!! 

I miss all of you!

Ms. Suzanne