Weird News XXV
The "Here's Your Chance to Help" Edition
A Serious Note From Tom

Dear Friends,

Our lives these days are filled with peaks and valleys. A perfect example occurred late this afternoon. The valley was an email informing me that the father of a woman in our church family who had tested positive for Covid-19 just died. Incredibly sad for all. The virus is taking a toll on everyone - physically, emotionally, economically - and keeps pushing us deeper into life's valleys.

Yet amidst the valleys, there remain many peaks, one which appeared a few moments later when I received a note from a long-time Community Church family, the Randolphs. Jennifer wrote in the email that their family business had shifted its resources to manufacturing protective face shields, noting " with every face shield produced we protect one more medical professional currently at risk. " An inspiring, wonderful peak.

Peaks and valleys. The death of a loved one. Concurrently, a nimble, values-based family business doing a 180 degree turn that is helping the global crisis we're in - and ultimately, saving lives.
Why am I sharing this story? Because so many of you in our church family during "check in" phone calls in the past week from Pam, John, Zach and me have asked "what can I do to help?"

Well, he re's your chance.

The shields, in addition to being sold directly to hospital and care facilities, are available in kit form. You can purchase a kit with the materials to make 10 shields for $24, all the way up to a 100 shield kit for $198. All it takes is a glue gun and about 1 minute to finish a shield. Lurie and Northwestern / Lake Forest are among the facilities enthusiastically accepting the shields and putting them to great use.

And, if you want to be supportive and get the shields to medical personnel and first responders in need - but prefer not to assemble the shield - the Community Church will find people to happily put them together and get them to local facilities ASAP. Just let us know. To order, or for more info, click SHIELDS .