Weird Times XV
The 3 Videos Edition
#1 The All New Community Song -
Get Ready for Sunday @ 10:05!
We’re here to worship, on your screen today
We’re here to worship, and to sing and pray
For our bodies & computers
That viruses will stay away

We make a joyful noise dressed however we please
Some of you are worshiping in your jammies
You got coffee in your hand
and never have to kneel or stand

Now still our hearts as we hope to be inspired
An open mind is all that is required
Now I’d better have a seat
Before you hit delete - AMEN!

Our "Service on the Screen" will be sent to you on Sunday
morning @ 10:05 a.m., and feature Rev. Zachary Hancock
preaching and Mr. Nic Barnum providing music.
#2 "No Problems Only Opportunities"
I spent the entire morning writing a message then recording it. I sent it to YouTube to process, and came back to the office @ 5:00 pm to finish the work and send out this edition of the Weird Times newsletter.
The first thing I checked was the video - which had attached to it this message: "this is too long - cannot process." Of course, I was really disappointed, and I was ticked! I'd spent all morning writing and recording something that now wouldn't work.
The irony is that the message was titled "No Problems Only Opportunities," about:
• having a good attitude in challenging times
• continuing to move forward when life tries to stop us, and
• finding light when we are surrounded by darkness.
The problem now? I have a rotten attitude and I'm pretty frustrated. All that work it would seem, for nothing.
I offer that snippet because it gives you a window to the ministry, or at very least my ministry. I want you to know that when I share ideas about life and faith on Sunday or in newsletters, I don't do it because I think I've somehow figured life out. I surely have not. Or, that I preach because I have it together more than others. I do not.
Instead, it is probably just the opposite. I'm someone who is in the world of faith because I need it. And when I preach or make videos reminding us to see the opportunities in the challenges we face, I do it not as an authority - but instead because I need those reminders myself and figure that others might, too.
I hope this makes a little bit of sense. In the meantime, I think I need to go home and watch my too-long-for-YouTube video about staying positive when things are not going your way. This preacher needs to do a better job of practicing what he preaches.
#3 "A Few Moments With Dr. Matt Dewar"
You can contact Matt via email HERE