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Our October Newsletter features a simple formula: ALL Treats, No Tricks. But first! FIRST! Our new Director Anne Seymour is gone! Yes, she's gone, gone, gone away to Africa. What's she doing there? Why'd she leave us? When's she coming back? It's a mystery that you dear reader, can solve! Send me your "theory" on why our beloved Anne is gone, gone, gone and you're getting a free Welch T-Shirt and Welch library bag. E-mail me your idea  of "Why's Anne in Africa" and I'll let you know if you won. 

On With The News..........We've got several new friends visiting Welch. They're our National Library of Medicine Fellows Christian Minter (below left), and Holly Thompson (right). Maybe you heard our recent podcast with them. How did they get here? (at Welch) Where do they come from? They've got great stories to tell --- We'll be hearing more from them down the road.


Having trouble with E-Reserves? Is it all a blur? Too much confusion? A hassle? Don't surrender! We've got ARES broken down for you.

And while you're stopping by YouTube, you just HAVE to see our Welch Library MelodyMakers "Lord of the Dance" video. It was done a few months back as part of a "Battle of the Medical Library Bands" contest. Disclaimer: we don't have a medical library band. We had to incorporate a Celtic Theme and Music. How's our performance? The word is "PRECIOUS," my friends. Pure PRECIOUS.

A COUPLE QUESTIONS? What ARE these pictures (below) of? And where are they located in the Welch Library? Anybody know? The first 5 folks I hear from who guess RIGHT get a $15 buck Daily Grind Gift Card. 


Our  upcoming classes are filling up! We've still got a couple spaces left for November and December classes (but you'd best "hustle your bustle"). If you're seeking more immediate assistance with help with Endnote, our YouTube Channel has many Endnote tutorials. If you're missing Refworks, rarely a month goes by when we're not offering either Refworks or Advanced Refworks. But if time is of the essence, our "Online Tutorials and Guides" could be just the answer to your prayers. 

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Lovely Day Pic from this summer! Library Director Anne Seymour in middle, with Assoc. Director Blair Anton on left --- Welch guest on right
We're always out and about doing Information Tables around campus. If you're reading this, chances are you were signed up at one of them. (By Yours Truly no less!) Here's a schedule of where we'll be in the coming months. The times are always 12:00 - 2:00 or even 3:00. Folks stop by with ALL kinds of questions. We'll also be "appearing" in other places, the hospital, School of Nursing, but I'll let you know those dates down the road.

Here's our Information Table Schedule for the upcoming months. See ya November 5th at the MRB.

Armstrong Building (usually on the 2nd floor by the stairway)


November 20th

December 4th

January 29th

February 19th


School of Public Health (right by the Monument St. entrance past the guard's station, you can't miss us!)


January 14th

February 11th

March 11th

April 15th


Miller Research Building (MRB, right next to the Daily Grind and the elevator lobby)


Nov. 5th 

Jan. 8th

March 5th

May 7th



Nov. 10th --- Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Information Session.
Speak face-to-face with program representatives, admissions staff, current students, alumni, and members of our Center for Learning Design and Technology, which works with instructors to develop innovative online learning experiences for you. Event Details.....

And catch our upcoming Podcast with Barry Zirkin, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Here's a blurb about Professor Zirkin, and here's another.  
Be sure to get out there and enjoy some Fall sights and sounds. You might just find a portal to another universe --- 

And hopefully that portal has a few Library resources!
Alonzo LaMont