Welcome, Class of 2023!
We’re so glad to be connecting with you! This email is the first in a weekly series to help you stay on track with college planning throughout your senior year. In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing tools, resources, and information that will help make paying for higher education as manageable as possible. We'll focus on financial aid and ways to maximize your aid eligibility. We’ll also share information on scholarships and strategies for saving.
The Piecemeal Approach
For this week's topic, we're introducing the concept of the piecemeal approach to paying for higher education. The idea of the piecemeal approach is to have as many “pieces” or sources of funding as possible, so that no one piece – like loans, for example -- needs to be as large. Imagine a pie cut into six pieces instead of two. For a list of possible funding sources, check out our Path to Affording Higher Education flyer. Are there any additional “pieces” you can add to your funding “pie”? (Are you working this summer?)

Watch for next week’s email where we’ll focus on summer earnings and share tips to make saving easier!

We're Here for You
Have questions? We’re here to help you! Give us a call at 800-228-3734 (TTY: 207-626-2717), or send us an email at Education@FAMEmaine.com.
FAME's College Access and Financial Education Team:
Mila TappanCollege Access and Outreach Manager
Jessica WhittierCollege Access Counselor 
Nikki VachonCollege Access Counselor
Maria MacDougalCollege Access Counselor
Floreka MalualCollege Planning Advisor
Mary DyerFinancial Education Programs Manager
Sarah Newcomb, Financial Education Programs Specialist
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