Experiences Of A Growing Teacher And Mother
This has been a really exciting week. I wrote about getting started in the classroom and for those who joined the site got a free look at some amazing resources to use to help build a classroom. (f you did not get this resource please let me know). Then I wrote about what worked for me as a mom. I have a lot more coming in the next week; more resources for teachers and I am looking for ways to help support moms as well.
I appreciate you all being a part of this journey and I wold love to hear from you: what would you like to read about, what resources might benefit you or others you know. I am sharing my journey and along the way want to build a community with you and for you.
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Where Do We Start?
As teacher every year we begin to think about where to start, especially as new teachers and really for most teacher this year. Here is a sneak peak at what I do to begin and if you want more subscribe. If you already subscribed and you didn't get the FREE list please email me and let me know, I will be sure you get it!
All we can do as a mom...
As parents we always worry if what we are doing is right. If we are being good parents I think so much about how I am messing up, I just don't know what I am doing and I thought that the most when I first had my son 22 months ago. Here I talk about what I did and how its okay if it goes against the "rules."