April 7, 2020
Welcome to Saint Paul School! 

 I hope that you and your family are safe during this time of uncertainty. 

Throughout the school closure our goal at Saint Paul School has been to create opportunity for learning and continuity for our school program. From day 1 (March 16) the teachers have not missed a beat and simply, are keeping learning alive! 

I have seen much adaptability and flexibility by our teachers, students and parents. I am continually evaluating the balance of learning activities, expectations, and learning time for students.  For teachers, it is equally important for me to make sure they are having sufficient time to prepare and correct while still maintaining their own children and families.  For parents, it is balancing their own professions with their children being home.  And for our students, balancing screen time and studying with activity and downtime. 

In comparison to our public school system, Saint Paul School is two to three weeks ahead of schedule.  Many public schools are not rolling out remote learning until this week and when they do, are not providing students with feedback or required assignments.  We strongly believe our students will be better prepared than their public school peers in September. 

Saint Paul School is fortunate to offer our students: 
·        Daily prayer on social media.
·        eLearning opportunities via the Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers post assignments and activities and students can share their work! 
·        Face-to-face classes via ZOOM weekly.
·        Optional suggestions and activities in the areas of art/computer/library/music/physical education.
·        Principals Challenge – Students take a break from their learning and complete one (or all) of my favorite activities.  

Saint Paul School is fortunate to offer our parents: 
·        Daily prayer on social media.
·        Daily email with updates.
·        Principal Coffee via ZOOM for parents every other week.
·        Resources to handle COVID19 with their children.

Saint Paul School is committed to ensuring our students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in September. Nothing can take the place for the classroom learning environment and interaction with teacher and peers but here is one example of Saint Paul School pioneering this new normal:
Yesterday I sat in on Ms. Rohnstock teaching 2-digit divisors to grade 4 via ZOOM. It was truly amazing to witness teacher with a whiteboard and students coming to their device with paper and pencil.  She was able to teach a lesson and check for understanding, just like she does on any given day at school.  

I am very proud of the Saint Paul School faculty, students and parents for jumping into this new “norm”.  It was unchartered territory and I am very proud of our school community. 



Please join us as we celebrate Holy Week with Father Nestor and our St. Paul Parish and Resurrection Church communities. TRIDUUM Services will live stream and be available online, if missed

Holy Thursday, April 9 - 7:30 pm
Good Friday, April 10 - 3 pm
Easter Vigil, April 11 - 7:30 pm
Easter Sunday, April 12 - 10 am

Please visit the Hingham Catholic Collaborative website for more information.
Instead of our weekly newsletter, Saint Paul School is sharing "News & Resources" with our community during this period of physical distancing. Included in each message are links to live enrichment videos created by our staff, student activities, family resources and school updates. Below are links to the "News & Resources" issued over the last 3 weeks.

If you have a friend or family member who would also like to receive these messages, please share their name and email with Jean Schnorr at jschnorr@spshingham.org for adding to our mailing list.



Thurs, April 9: Holy Thursday - Half Day of School
Fri, April 10th: Good Friday - No School
Mon, April 20 - Fri, April 24: Spring Break - No School


New Parent Orientation / Uniform Fitting Night / Arts Night - June 2 (TBD)


Saint Paul School will continue to process applications, render admissions decisions and respond to any inquiries.

During this time of school closure, tours are postponed. We will plan to continue with screenings for all prospective PS – Grade 8 applicants.

We welcome you to contact us with interest and any inquiries by calling Jean Schnorr, Director of Enrollment, on her cell at 617.416.4934 or at  jschnorr@spshingham.org
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