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Happy October! I love each season and the beauty each one brings.  October begins the last quarter of the calendar year and brings with it many glorious colors. Holidays are just around the corner and the new year will be here before we know it! Check out the details below of our upcoming Open House.  We're SEW excited about the plans we have for you in 2018. In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful season with your family and friends. Thanks for being our customers.  We appreciate you and look forward to your visits and love it when you share your projects with us.  Sew and Tell is one of our favorites! 

(To keep you from seeing the same things in the newsletter each week, I have rearranged things just a little. Those things that are still important to refer to but don't need to be read each week have been moved to the very end of the newsletter.)
 Congratulations to our own Jan Goodman!  Jan received special recognition at the Jacksonville (FL) Quiltfest last week for her quilting on her sister's quilt!  She was told her quilting complimented the quilt pattern perfectly. We knew she was good!  Way to go, Jan.  We love you!
Are you looking for the perfect class machine?  Do you need something that's doesn't weigh much and gives you just enough stitches?   Janome has revised the DC2030.  It's a great first machine for beginners.  It's just right for taking to classes. It only weighs 12 pounds. It comes with an extension table and a hard cover. AND, it's very affordable. I can't keep them in the shop! 
Come test drive any of our floor models today!

Serious planning has started for your 2018 Clubs!  Open House will be Sunday, November 12th.  If you were in a club in 2017, we will open the shop JUST FOR you at 2:00.  You will have an hour to snack, shop, and sign-up before we open the shop for everyone else!  
Open House begins at 3:00 for anyone who was not in one of our clubs for 2017.  Open House will conclude at 5:00
We are getting all the club opportunities ready for you and planning a fun and exciting Open House 2017. There will be prizes, refreshments, and sales along with a great line-up of clubs for 2018!  

We have another treat for you!  Miriam Coffey from Janome, will be joining us at Open House this year!  She will be showcasing the new MC6700P machine!  You will have the opportunity to complete a Make & Take project with Miriam and we will have specials on ALL of our Janome Sewing Machines at Open House!!  So join us and bring a friend or two. You don't want to miss this year's Open House and Janome Demonstration!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 12
For 2017 Club Members ONLY
2:00 - 3:00
The shop will open for all others from
3:00 - 5:00

WELCOME to our new folks who signed up for our newsletter. If you have a friend who you know would enjoy our weekly newsletters, have them send us an email and we will be glad to sign them up!

The Free Friday Sew Days for October will be the 6th and 20th. The back door will be open at 9:45 and you have until 4:00 to sew the day away!!!!!!!!  
These days have been set aside for you to use our classroom and the supplies while you fellowship with others and work towards completing projects.   BUT . . . YOU MUST RESERVE A SPOT.  We are limiting the number of people to 10 on each of the sewing days so if you are interested you need to call and reserve your spot.  It's totally free!  But we only have room for so many so let us know you're coming and we will let you know if there is still room. You can get into the classroom at 9:45 and sew until 4:00! You are responsible for cleaning up your area and emptying your trash into the big trash can.
Staff can answer questions and help you briefly but they will be working on the floor taking care of other business.This is not class time so please be respectful of our staff members . 
One more reminder - please help us keep those nice Janome Sewing Mats clean. They are great for absorbing some of the machine motion and noise. We have had to replace a few that had food stains on them. So PLEASE keep your food and drinks away from those mats.  THANKS!

  Attention BE MY NEIGHBOR club members.  Your last meeting will be this month. Instead of meeting on Friday and Saturday in October, you will have ONE meeting on Saturday, October 28 @ 10:00.  I LOVE all of the different fabrics and individuality of all of the blocks. The final quilts will be AMAZING!  Here are a few from this week's meeting. 


Until next Sunday, have a wonderful week and come see us!
Beginner Quilting Class
Beginner Quilting
101, 102, 103

We've added a Beginner's Class on Saturdays!!!!!  The typical 6-week class meets two hours each week. This Saturday class will meet four Saturdays for 3 hours each.  The students will meet the same number of hours but on fewer days. The class fee is $75.00 and meet on the following Saturdays:
October 14
October 21
November 4
10:00 - 1:00 (You may stay and sew until 2:00 if you'd like!)
Beginners who take 102 will choose another more difficult pattern to complete.  The 102 students meet at the same time and the fee is $75.00.  Beginners who continue on to the 103 class take on an even more challenging pattern and continue to receive help from our instructors.  The fee is $75.00.  Each class member for 102 and 103 will receive three 10% off coupons to use for class supplies and fabrics while you are in either the 102 or 103 class.  After you complete the 101, 102, and 103 classes, you may come back to join any of the 101, 102, or 103 classes for free but will not receive a discount past the 103 class. 

Here are pictures of the Beginner Quilting 101 Class Quilt with some of our graduates. This is a fun and educational class!  Call or come by to reserve your spot!

What's happening at Sassy Stitches?!
 We're having a Pineapple Tool Class!  Have you always wanted to learn how to use this fun tool? Have you tried and given up? Cacia has LOTS of experience using this tool and there are so many different layouts and color placements that you can use to make beautiful and unique designs. You do not have to buy the tool for the class.  We will have them available for you to TRY before you BUY!  Here are some samples of what this neat tool can do!


   Pineapple Tool Class
$20 Plus Supplies
Tuesday, October 10
10:00 - 12:00

You will need 1/2 yard each of 3 fabrics - 2 darks and a light, ruler, rotary cutter, machine and basic sewing supplies. Come join the fun!
Show & Tell
    Jerrie found this quilting pumpkin at Dollywood!  
Teresa worked her magic on our windows this week.  Even if you don't come in the store, drive by and see her magnificent work.  There's always a glare on the windows when I take pictures so you need to see them in person.  THANKS, Teresa!!

LOOK at these stunning quilts Sharon made out of her Dad's ties!!!!!

Monica is making little boy quilts.  Her son and daughter-in-law are expecting their FOURTH boy!!! 

Cindy put a whole different twist on her Christmas tree. Nice!

Sharon is enjoying making Fall Quilts from this book!

We always love a visit from Sasha and her mom, Bonnie! Look at that face!

Look at Mildred's beautiful Christmas Tree Quilt!  I love what she did to the back.  Awesome!

Our customer, Hazel, gave us this beautiful arrangement.  Her sister-in-law, who is almost 80 years old, grows all of these gorgeous flowers and created this stunning arrangement. Thank you SEW much, Hazel!

Lindy, Anne, and the Best Staff EVER! 
(They really are!!!!!)


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Sassy Stitches Sassy Stitches
Policies, Our Charity Focus, and More Info
Here you will find our Sassy Cash Policy, Information about our Charity Focus, and other pertinent information.  We sure do appreciate your business!

Our charity focus at Sassy Stitches is Ryan's Case for Smiles. This is an organization that provides fun pillowcases for sick children .  ALL of our donations will be used in Asheville, NC at Mission Children's Hospital. I volunteered for this charity for several years and have personally delivered pillow cases to kids at Mission Children's Hospital and assure you it brings great joy to sick children to pick out a fun pillowcase. When you read the story about Cindy and her son, Ryan, you will understand what a great cause this is. It's the perfect charity for anyone who sews! Here is a link to the organization's website.
We will accept pillowcases, fabric donations for making pillow cases and monetary donations. If you choose to make pillowcases, there are tips on the website (see link above) about making them. The volunteers who take the pillowcases wash them before delivery. Something so simple as a fun pillowcase really does bring a smile to a sick child.  THANKS!
Policy for Holding Merchandise for Customers
We are more than happy to hold items for our customers. We have a basket we keep behind the counter at the register for just that purpose. We will be happy to hold items until the next business day for you.  If you are out of town or there are special circumstances, please let us know and we will be glad to work with you.  I'm sure you understand that items left off the floor certainly can't sell.  Thanks!