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Welcome to 2015!
the year of
Creative Disruption 

We hope you all have had great holidays are off to a good start for the New Year!


Recall in 2014, we asked you to stay in the ARENA with us. Indeed together, we prevailed in all our undertakings.  At the same time, we also predicted a year of uncertainty and big challenges in Internet Governance (IG), including an Occupy.africaOur predictions in this regard were on point.  I have covered much on it in our 2014 Year-in-Review.

In 2015, we are betting on more.  Our theme and engagement for 2015 is
therefore Creative Disruption, and here is why? 

Trailblazer may be what DCA is wildly known for, but we have also proved to be more than that.   We have shown perseverance by staying in the ARENA, taken on new risks, new initiatives, innovated, built upon what we have, and cooperated with many. In our team, we have Entrepreneurs, NewsMakers, Trend Setters, Technocrats, Leaders and Social activist and together we work well toward the good of the gander, which is our world.   


Perhaps timely to quote, the renowned Austrian Economists Joseph Schumpeter, which Wired Magazine once referred him as the "Father of Creative Destruction".   He put Entrepreneurs at the center of his model of economic theory, by saying "to act with confidence beyond the range of familiar beacons and to overcome society's resistance requires aptitude that are present in only small fraction of the population".

As such, I predict technological Entrepreneurship will be on the rise for 2015 and many more years to come marking the spirit of Creative Disruption to avoid using the word "destruction" to businesses, policy, and the like.    
As cited by many, the hallmark of the Entrepreneurs that would make this disruptions happen include, a willingness to persevere, self belief, making painful decision, extraordinary energy, focus on mission, opportunism, intuition, innovation, courage, curiosity, questioning the status quo, refusing to give up, vision, clarity of thinking and focus, and finally what I call a - Black Swan Moment - when opportunity  meets opportunity.

DCA group while still remaining confident about its flagship project .africa  is optimistic on other fronts: 
  • We plan to forge into a new major strategic venture this year in order to  capitalize with what we already built - Branding Africa on the internet
  • Off to a  good start this year is,  one of DCA's in New Media services - DotAfrica.TV has recently signed an agreement with A24 media group to syndicate Africa focused content over the internet.
  • Our flagship corporate social responsibly programs such as and will continue to successfully train the youth to empower them with knowledge of the internet, DNS industry and the work of DCA.  Please get involved and apply for DCA Academy program.  It would be worth your while.
  • DCA's engagement with US Congress continues to bear fruit.
  • DCA Strategic Advisory Board members and partners continue to engage and support our efforts.
  • DCA and its affiliates has a line up of invitations to various International foras to make contributions in policy and industry  in the Internet, ICT and New Media space.

As usual, DCA's shares with you some of the scoop it expects 2015, starting with:    


DotConnectAfrica's New Year wish for 2015:
   Creative disruption in everything; a clearly defined state role;  Transformative Global Internet Governance; 
What we predict:
  Rebirth of US exceptionalism: Revival of individualism, global liberalism;  AfriCapitalism; global Cyberwar; ,  EuroZone troubles continue; nationalism hits hard;  smart phones to read minds;  rouge robots; cognitive computing; blackphone rollout, digital wearables,
Streaming, Cloud Security,  technological unemployment - over 20-30 Percent; 
          What will continue:
 global economy led by US as we predicted in 2014,

Democratic deficit, in Africa and Russia, Women and Youth Activism; Tech Entrepreneurship; Mobile everything; Public and private Cloud, big data, Social Media innovation; hacks over Fortune 500s

 connected lives; Africa's debt deficit from private borrowing; EU becomes irrelevant; Internet Governance Political Theater; 

What will be challenged:
Special Interests that disrupt Entrepreneurship, NTIA's Transition; President Obama by Republican Controlled congress; Internet Privacy; Net Neutrality; Violating the law; blasphemy laws
Finally,  I want to extend a deserving and sincere thank you and well done to all our staff, supporters, partners and advisory Board members, particularly on our worth journey over ".africa".

DCA has demonstrated that our work affects others and we strive for a global, social, economic and political transformation in our work, for which also gives us satisfaction and meaning to our lives. 

We shall continue to lead in 2015, as we weigh in the power of "Creative disruption" as the main driver of our work.  We hope you will join us or be there to support us  to make that  incredible difference in the world we live in!
Wishing each and every one of you & your families a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2015.
God Bless Africa & the World!    


Sophia Bekele


DotConnectAfrica Group 


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