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We want to wish you a Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

Perhaps you have made a New Year's laundry list of things to change? And perhaps that includes an intention to start or keep up a regular practice. In any case, it's good to be reminded every now and then about why we do what we do - like say for instance, why do we actually practice yoga?

There are probably as many answers as there are people. One indicator to tell if someone is diligently practicing yoga is that their lives seem improved. Practiced with sincerity, yoga can even make us kinder and more compassionate. It can also help us to interact better and more meaningfully with other people.

This year MYC will turn 3 years old and as kids that age, we will continue to grow and develop in many ways. In this process we are learning from each of you every day, like we are all learning from each and every fellow practitioner.

On that note, we encourage you to stick with the practice over the winter, even when it's a little harder to find the motivation or energy. Not only because of the benefits you receive, but also for the benefit of those around us. This is our community, we create it together and it is truly a thing to be cherished. So see you on the mat!
All together now, Guided Primary and Pranayama classes continue on Sunday January 4 - come come!
Pattabhi Jois

The Guided Primary class will continue every first Sunday of each month from 9-10.45. This class is an excellent tool to learn about the breath and movement. The precision of the count allows you also to begin to move into a direct experience of the flow and meditation of the practice.

Before the Guided Primary class we will teach an additional Pranayama class at 8.30. In this class we will practice basic breath work and simple pranayamas to deepen our control of the breath, and open the door to new possibilities within the practice of yoga.

Photo credit: Tom Rosenthal
New to yoga? First intro class of the New Year on Saturday January 10
This two-hour small group session introduces you to the fundamental elements of the practice of Ashtanga yoga. After the intro class you will continue in the Mysore classes and learn the practice at your own pace, one step at a time. Pre-registration is required. Starters and re-starters are all welcome to attend!

Dive deeper into your practice - Workshops with the foremost Ashtanga yoga ambassadors in May-June 2015

There's nothing like the daily practice, but workshops can give us new inspiration, focus and help us commit. Here's a sneak peek to our upcoming line-up in May-June:
  • Workshop with renowned Ashtanga teacher Petri R�is�nen May 7-10. Petri's Mysore teaching gives you an opportunity to experience the wholeness of the practice. You will leave this workshop renewed.
  • Ashtanga Yoga, Pregnancy & Beyond with Wambui Njuguna May 9. The focus of this session will center around how to approach the practice of Ashtanga yoga during pregnancy.
  • Therapeutic Asana Adjustments - Hands-on Workshop with Petri R�is�nen May 10. We will select asanas from the primary and intermediate series, explore the alignment, vinyasa count, anatomy, techniques and therapeutic aspects of the adjustments.
  • In-Depth Weekend Workshop with certified Astanga teacher David Garrigues June 19-21. In this weekend workshop we'll investigate specific aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga practice in detail.

Photo credit: Alex Berg
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