“Hidden Figures”
 who worked at NASA during the Space Race: Katherine Johnson (right), Christine Darden (top center), Mary Jackson (bottom center), Dorothy Vaughan (left) Credit: NASA
Year of Women of Color!
2020 is all about soaring higher and doing the “undoable” therefore, our theme this year is ' A new way of empowering - Impact and purpose'. Make 2020 work for you!

Thank you for being part of it all, lets walk this space together with confidence and resilience.
Our 2020 Tech Forecast

2019 brought along several developments and innovations, albeit with some cyber security challenges on the side.
Indeed internet of Things (IoT) remains the ever present opportunity.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Technovation of the Health sector seems to be the heavy focus for 2020, which is welcome. This very key industry that saves humanity has been on the last mile in advance in the digital revolution. The other is the decentralization of the financial currency through the growing influence of the growing but misunderstood crypto and block chain economy.

These are some of our predictions to watch out for:

  • The workspace as we know it will evolve with A.I. and automation software taking over some jobs.
  • The rise and rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • 5G development and adoption will continue and the vulnerabilities of IoT as a net effect.
  • Organizational focus on the security of cloud apps and systems.
  • Fintech prioritization on financial health, with a more holistic view of customer experiences.
  • Innovation of the gig economy continues.
  • Will multicloud become reality?
  • Mobile money will continue its pervasiveness.
  • Cryptocurrency will fight for its relevance.
  • Focus on reduction of data costs will rise.
  • Voice assistants profiferation to more devices.

What will continue:
Focus on the growth of Women in the tech industry & workforce, block chain startups, cryptocurrency, cyber attacks especially on cloud and smart phones, investments on quantum computing.

What will be challenged:

AI and ML negative effects, Censorship, Big Data breaches Facial Recognition technologies, mis-information and deep fakes.

What will be on the rise:

Self-awareness on personal data by end users, ethics, morality and accountability in businesses and politics, flat organizations, an inclusive society model, on-demand Internet streaming services, biometric data driving more wearables.
May you have a prosperous 2020.
Remember to always put your best foot forward
Sophia Bekele