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From the Corner Office

President and CEO, Vector Talent Resources

I could not be prouder of our employees’ efforts during these unprecedented times. Although I hope that we have seen the worst of it, COVID-19 is a global pandemic that impacts all of us. It is still a battle each and every day.
Almost a year ago, Vector, like all companies, had to rapidly respond to the logistical challenges of COVID-19 by implementing new remote work policies to keep our employees safe and healthy. Our offices still remain closed and probably will remain so until most of our employees have been vaccinated.
I thought it was a miracle how quickly Vector staff adapted to our new normal, never missing a beat. Our team responded so impressively that Vector developed a guideline on the subject to help other companies that may have needed assistance adapting their own remote work policies and procedures.
As has been the case for many small companies, the pandemic took quite a toll on Vector’s sales numbers. We had to pivot each and every day to meet the new financial challenges. We had to dig for new clients every day to help maintain our sales. Thankfully, however, we did not have to lay off any of our workers, which was Vector’s main goal throughout 2020.
Despite the past year’s challenges, Vector remains one of the leading staffing and recruiting firms in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Vector’s TalentMEDIA team also continues to provide expert communications and publications services to our multiple clients. Through all of this adversity, because of our perseverance, we came out stronger than ever before.
I am optimistic that the continued dedication, selflessness, and resilience of the Vector staff will lead to great things in 2021.

By Hector J. Velez
Chief Operating Officer, Vector Talent Resources

As many of you know, I’ve spent my entire career as a keen observer of leadership in action. Unfortunately, I have learned more about how not to lead than how to lead. Nonetheless, I think I am able to tell the difference between good and bad leadership.

Many people are not able to differentiate real leadership from abusive power, propaganda, or coercion. Many leaders either do not know, or have not learned, how to bring out the best in others by exhibiting integrity, character, civility, and courage. They also seem to struggle with demonstrating their commitment to the highest and best values. Even worse, some leaders talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. They say the right things but do not live those spoken values.

Therefore, having just celebrated Black History Month, it seems pertinent to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy as an example of true and effective leadership.

Dr. King, a true servant leader, who led by the power of his example, demonstrated that moral leadership may be more important, and definitely longer lasting, than organizational leadership.

As a servant leader, Dr. King listened to the people others may have considered unimportant. When faced with a challenge, he looked for solutions that would benefit all. When something went wrong, he accepted the blame. When things went well, he shared the credit. He exhibited transparency by always being consistent in his messaging. He knew that he didn’t have all the answers, so he sought advice from others. He worked hard and inspired others to do the same.

Dr. King amply showed how courage, the ability to inspire, and the tenacity to succeed can overcome immense obstacles. He also practiced the humility and vulnerability necessary to evaluate his successes and failures, recognize his mistakes, and learn and grow from them.

Dr. King was an exceptional speaker and writer. These communication skills are difficult to master. I continually encounter leaders who lack a basic command of language and a clear and effective method of communicating. The ability to engage and inspire an audience should never be discounted as a necessary quality of a good leader.

Finally, Dr. King didn’t ask his followers to do anything he wouldn’t do himself or to take a risk he wouldn’t take himself. He was a true role model who took the ultimate risk and lost his life for a righteous cause and the betterment of others.

Thank you, Dr. King, for your legacy of courageous leadership that truly effected positive change in our society and our world.
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