April 2017

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It's Baaaaaack-Hairy Bittercress           
Hairy Bittercress weed (Cardamine hirsuta) is an annual early spring pest. The plant rises from a basal rosette and bears 3-9 inch long stems.  Tiny white flowers develop at the ends of the stems and then turn into long seedpods.  These pods split open explosively when ripe and fling seeds out into the environment.
This pesky weed is small enough to hide among your landscape plants. Its extensive seed expulsion means that just one or two weeds can spread quickly through the garden in the spring.

Frequent mowing will achieve control in your lawn, however, this weed is also in your planting beds too so it may become necessary to pull them before they turn to seed. Consider yourself warned.

As temperatures get warmer, the plant will die naturally. Hopefully you get them before they reproduce.

Rhododendron Problems?

You may have noticed die back of leaves and branches on your Rhododendron following the winter.  Perhaps the entire shrub has collapsed? Rhododendron have been hit hard by the prolonged drought of 2016 and the severely cold conditions of the winter (lower temperatures combined with moisture robbing wind) are resulting in damage that is showing up now.
What to do - The dead portions should be carefully pruned out but most plants will  re-sprout  from lower portions of the stem, so it makes sense to wait before calling a plant a total loss. However, marginal plants may need to be pulled out.  If you would like your shrubs evaluated, please let us  know


Tick Control

A tick(ing) time bomb is set to explode this spring, in fields, forests and yards across the Northeast!
Health and insect experts are calling it a perfect storm of conditions coming together to create a tick population explosion. With the help of a bumper crop of acorns this past fall and warmer-than-usual winter, mice are plentiful this year-as a result, it's likely Lyme disease will be, too.
These mice often carry the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, and then pass it onto deer ticks, which then go on to infect humans.
We can help!
Our organic Tick Management Program - will target spray the low plants within the landscape and perimeter woods.  We recommend spraying once a month April through October, for the program to work most effectively.    


Meet our Organic Lawn & 
Plant  Care Team

L-R: Stephen Sodekson, Ryan Aldrich & Tim McIntyre

Stephen Sodekson ~ Manager; Stephen has been involved with the horticulture industry since his college days (a long time ago!) -where he received his degree in Plant & Soil Science.  Stephen has worked as a wholesale grower, and in the horticulture sales brokerage business, as well as spending 2 years on Kauai, running a tropical nursery.  Stephen came to work at Hoxie in the spring of 2015.  He has spent many hours doing "due diligence" to find the best products to fine tune our Nature Guard program. Stephen appreciates the fact that Hoxie Landscape is as committed to their employees as they are to their customers - which is not easy to find in this profession.  In his spare time he likes to hike, play tennis and spend time with his children and grandchildren.

Ryan Aldrich ~ Technician; "RJ" has lived on Cape most of his life.  He came to work at Hoxie last year.  He appreciates our company's philosophy regarding using products and techniques that are environmentally safe. Ryan enjoys helping people make their yards more beautiful.  In the off-season Ryan works at Market Basket in Sagamore.  He enjoys playing Frisbee golf and collecting comics.

Tim McIntyre ~Technician ; Tim came to work at Hoxie in the spring of 2014.  He enjoys the freedom of working outside and being able to get dirty - daily!  Tim likes the variety of the work - even though his main focus is organic lawn and plant care - he enjoys working with the other crews doing clean-ups and installations.  In his spare time, Tim likes completing projects around his house and is an avid fan to his son's sports teams.

Daniel Francis, 6:56am, 6lbs 4 oz., 19"
Charles Richardson, 7:09am, 6lbs 4 oz, 19.5"

 Proud Papa - Kevin Hoppen!

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