Welcome Back, Dade County!

We have "new" in Dade County Schools. Our beautiful students are sporting new shoes, new backpacks, and new lunchboxes. Check out our new website.

The logo you see above is the result of our work this summer with the Creative Team that includes Heidi Wilson, Wil Martin, Vicky Tillman, Amber Kent, Alison Henderson, Tracy Blevins, Cynthia Daniels and me. After seeking input from our stakeholders and going through a creative process, we decided to re-brand the district with these three key words: Tradition. Character. Knowledge.

We’ve combined our rich tradition in Dade County Schools with a more modern look and feel as part of an exciting new communication plan. It will give us the tools to tell our story and let the community know about the wonderful things going on each day in our schools.

This is more than a logo project. We will soon roll out a marketing campaign called Together We Climb. It will give all of us the ability to push out our message via video, social media, website, notification services, and high quality print materials. We hope the result will be more and better parent involvement, more and better business and community partnerships, more and better recruitment of staff, and our bottom line, higher achieving students.

Once we design our new marketing campaign, we’ll help each school with their messaging, describing what makes each one special. I hope you’ll climb on board as we climb together on this journey toward success.

Dr. Jan Irons Harris