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Aug. 19, 2015 

It's been a blast being... um... away... on fieldtrips... for the last few... um... weeks? ... 

We really have had so much fun with the fieldtrip program, and have lots of photos to share... There's even a Coal Harbour Whale Sighting trip happening this afternoon, and the False Creek Island Exploration on Friday. Fun!

Other than that... the truth is, it's been a lazy summer. 

There's been some recent news, though: 

Last week, our teacher Denet Albores got approval on her VISA, and was able to return to Canada! She's just arrived and getting right back into the swing of things. 

Jen Labelle is also back (just on the blog though), and we're so proud to help her introduce to you, her son Max. With his arrival, she has a new purpose - and an at-times overwhelming responsibility. She shares a tale from her journey with us. 

Our snacking experiments over the summer have led to a snack-tracking hypothesis, that involves name-tags and... mostly, just name-tags. We're pretty excited to see what you think. 

So that's the gist of it. We really have been meaning to write, but the heat... and it's holidays... 

" The indolent month of August," right? ... Was that Shakespeare? 
Whoever it was had probably just realized that September is right around the corner, bringing with it all things changeful and new. 

So sway the hammock one more time, 
But take a sweater if you're going to be on your bike after sunset. 
It's getting cool in the evenings... 

But there's time for another sway 

Talk soon!

Centre News
Welcome Back, Denet!

It has been a long story, and one which we're so pleased to announce finally has a very happy ending: Denet Albores is back at Buddings!

Denet received word from the Canadian Consulate that her application for a one-year visa to return to Canada was approved. So she got on a plane, and here she is! 

It's a bit surreal... It took almost a year, three separate application attempts, and a six-month departure from the country, but this is the answer we were hoping for all along! 

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with the saga, and enquired about the process. It has been quite an experience,  and when the whirlwind settles, she'll have a story and a half to share with us on the blog. 

Find her next time you're at Buddings, and thanks again for all your support.

Trusting Your Instincts - A new mom's first steps...

Our teacher Jen Labelle is two months into this whole "motherhood" thing, and it turns out, she has some questions. 

Her life has changed, and many parents can empathize with her new purpose, as well as the doubts, and fears of failing somehow. 

Jen is a brilliant educator when it comes to preschoolers, and a pretty handy toddler teacher, too. 

Newborn Baby Max is a whole new field of study, though, and finding the answers is her new job. 

  *All photos used with permission*
Sitting down for snacks

It's been a snack-tracking summer snack-scapade getting our... new ... Snack-tacular... no? ... Name-tag system in place. It's ready now, so the cards are on the table... Beside the gong. ;)

Next time you come in, please take 2 clipped cubby cards from the bowl on the table, and write your child's name on both of them. Water bottles and diaper kits should come inside with one of the named cubby cards to hook on the inside cubby, and coats, backpacks, snacks, and toys other than comfort objects, should stay out front. Outside cubby names can hang from the hook inside the cubby, and inside, they can be clipped to the eyelet on the left of each cubby. 

When you leave, take the water bottle, diaper kit, and cubby card, erase it, and put it back in the bowl. While you're there, and so is the sign in/out sheet, you can just sign out. Easy, right?

Name-tags. Who knew? ;)
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