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Student Campus Newsletter - A New Season for New Beginnings
Welcome Back!
A warm welcome to you all, and congratulations on completing your first week of classes! While this year will undoubtedly be different, Acadia is a nurturing place for learning, teaching, research, and community service, and we are here to help prepare you for a complex world. Enjoy the learning experiences ahead, even the potential glitches, because this semester, we are all learning and growing. Our new normal is a work in progress, and in some ways that makes this a really exciting time to be at university. I hope you will agree that we are all in this together and that we can make this year a success.
If you were not able to participate in my “Meet the President” session on September 15, please go through the slides so that you can get the valuable information that was provided. To view the presentation and other sessions created, visit our Orientation playlist.  Also, complete your COVID-19 Preparedness & Education course and take the Student COVID-19 Safety Pledge of responsibility seriously and act on it.
Please continue to encourage your friends, teammates and peers to be smart and safe. We have successfully started the term with no cases of COVID-19 and that is the way we want to continue. Wear your face mask, wash your hands, maintain physical distance, do your daily symptom check, and avoid large crowds and parties above the gathering limit of ten. We’re counting on everyone to do their part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, keep our campus and the surrounding community safe and respectful, and make this a truly extraordinary year in a good way.
Thank you and here’s wishing you all the very best for a successful term and year,
Dr. Peter Ricketts
President and Vice-Chancellor
We're All In This Together
The onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic has challenged us to improvise and adapt to new ways of living our lives, conducting our business, and relating to one another. Our personal wellbeing, and the health and safety of our neighbours and loved ones has been in sharp focus over the past six months.

The Town of Wolfville, Acadia University, and the Acadia Students’ Union have kept this in mind as plans for the start of the new academic year have been developed and implemented. We value our shared community and have taken steps together to protect our collective safety.
Have you seen our We've Got This video yet?
Student Support Services
Academic & Student Support

Student Advisor: Acadia's Student Advisor, Adam Detienne can provide you with support dealing with personal and academic concerns. Adam can also guide you to helpful resources like academic support or health services.
Tutoring/Academic Advising: The Acadia Tutoring Service connects you with the academic help you need, when you need it. Sessions with our faculty-recommended tutors start at $20/hour. We are also happy to recommend free tutorials and help centres.
Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health Support Services: Need to find a support service that works best for you? Visit our E-Mental Health page to learn about our online mental health tools.

Counselling: Counsellor, Sarah Pittoello has a new video up on the Counselling - Mental Health page on caring for our mental health. Should you need any counselling services, please connect with our Student Resource Centre staff.

Spirituality & Religion: Daily Chapel services continue online. To access the services and to connect with the chapel staff, please visit the Manning Memorial Chapel page.

Recreation: Acadia Athletics is proud to offer an opportunity to engage students in sport, recreation, and fitness. Find out more about our modified intramurals program and other recreation opportunities by visiting the Alternate Sport & Recreation page.
International & Indigenous Support

International: The Wong International Centre staff has put together some excellent orientation resource videos up on their arrival page. If you need to connect, don't hesitate to reach out to their team.

Indigenous: Zabrina Whitman, Coordinator of Indigenous Affairs has worked for a variety of organizations on topics ranging from First Nation education partnerships to good governance, intergovernmental affairs, and international security and political stability. Learn more about Acadia's indigenous support services by visiting the Indigenous Student Resource Centre page.
Accessible Learning

Accessible Learning Services: We are committed to providing a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming on-campus environment. Our main goal is to facilitate access to supports and resources for students with disabilities that will maximize opportunities for a successful and meaningful experience at Acadia University. To learn more about our services and to see our new orientation video, please visit our Accessible Learning page online.
Equity & Inclusion

Equity Officer: Polly Leonard, Acadia's Equity Officer is available to students, staff, and faculty. The fundamental objective of the Equity Office is to prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment from occurring. Find Polly's contact information on the equity page and check out her new orientation video and Acadia's Harassment & Discrimination Policy
COVID-19 Update
Campus Operational Plan
To help mitigate the impact of any COVID-19 infections within the Acadia University community, we have developed outbreak protocol plans for campus and for residence buildings.
Stay Informed
Keep up-to-date on COVID-19 impacts on Acadia, precautions being taken, prevention measures as well as self-isolation and testing requirements, please visit our COVID-19 Updates and Resources page.