We know it has been a long road, but it is finally happening… we are going back to school next week! We thought you’d like to see how the building looks - it’s all set up and ready for us to welcome students back to school in person. We can’t wait!

  • Sept 10: First full day of school for grades 1-8 
  • Sept. 14: First full day of school for kindergarten
  • Sept. 17: Back to School tekes (assembly) at 1:30pm; parents are invited to attend via Zoom (link will be sent soon.)
  • Sept. 18: Erev Rosh Hashanah, school closed 
  • Sept. 24: Back to School Night for grades K, 1, 5 and 6 (see below for details)
  • Sept. 28: Yom Kippur, school closed 
  • Sept. 29: Back to School Night for grades 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 (see below for details)

Back to School Night is an opportunity for you to learn more about what your children will be doing in their classes in the coming year. This year, we will hold this event on Zoom by grade level on two different evenings - September 24th and September 29th. Please see the schedule below to find the date and time for your child(ren)’s grade(s):


Below are some important requirements to note before we start school!

Health screening
  • By 7:30am, all parents must submit their child(ren)'s at home health screening via the Magnus app. See here for instructions.
  • The Magnus App screening is required for school entry!
  • We are counting on parents to do this screening thoroughly every day so it is extremely unlikely of a child not passing the screening at school. Parents/guardians do not need to wait near school for their child to go through screening. The school will contact parents/guardians if they need to come back to pick up a child who did not pass the screening.

Filled water bottles
  • All students need to arrive to school each morning with a filled water bottle.
  • Parents of all students, including middle school, are asked to follow up each morning with their child as this is a new requirement.
  • By students having their own filled water bottle, we will avoid unnecessary traffic in our hallways and gatherings at water fountains, which have been sealed and are unusable.

Snack and lunch in classrooms 
  • Send food items in containers children can open independently. As students will not wear masks during lunch, staff must maintain a distance of 6 feet and will be unable to assist students. 
  • Parents are required to send any needed utensils and napkins to school with their child. Please follow up with your children even if they prepare their lunch independently to ensure they have these items as this is a new requirement.

Arrival and dismissal 
  • Designated times and entry spots have been assigned to all grades/students.
  • K-3 School Parents/caregivers need to know their line up color and number. Please refer to previous email with this information.
  • If you arrive early please do not congregate in front of school. We ask you to wait on First Place or in Carroll Park. Thank you for helping to ensure distancing practices during these times. 
  • Students who arrive late to school will need to wait by the main entrance with their parent/guardian until the nurse is able to conduct a health screening. 
  • Parents driving carpools will not be allowed to drop children off early and there is not a designated place for carpool parking/standing. Parents who arrive prior to their arrival time can wait on a nearby street until their allotted arrival time.
  • The Parent Association is helping parent drivers. If you are interested in being a volunteer to help or are driving a car in the morning, please email Senesh parent Lindsay Bressman at lindsaybressman@gmail.com.
  • K-3 parents/guardians need to wait outside the gate on 1st place (the side yard) to retrieve their children. (Parents/guardians will not be able to enter the yard area.)

  • All students are required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test prior to the first day of school. 
  • Parents who go to PM Pediatrics will get results directly from the lab before the school gets them from PM pediatrics, so please share your test results via email directly with Director of Operations Nathalie Cabot at ncabot@hannahsenesh.org.
  • If you did not receive a test through PM Pediatrics, please be sure to share your test results with Director of Operations Nathalie Cabot at ncabot@hannahsenesh.org.