We know things look differently this school year - our students, teachers, parents, and PTA's are all embarking on a new year, in new, uncharted territory. As the country confronts COVID-19, Idaho PTA and National PTA's utmost priority is to help keep our members safe and healthy, while meeting the educational, as well as the social and emotional needs of all students, educators and families.

We hope that the following resources, grant opportunities, and virtual trainings are just the beginning of a great (albeit different) school year - here's to us figuring out this whole thing together!

-Idaho PTA Board of Directors
For Parents and Educators:
A Parent's Guide to Virtual Learning for Children with Disabilities
4 actions to improve your child's experience with online learning - from the NCLD (National Center for Learning Disabilities)
The New Normal
How to stay productive learning from home (from NPTA partner, Office Depot)
COVID-19 Resources for Parents, PTA Leaders & Educators
To help ease the emerging challenges this pandemic presents, National PTA has compiled resources, tools and information to support our families and teachers who are navigating working, teaching and learning at home.

Tackling COVID-19 Anxieties
COVID-19 has drastically changed our daily lives in a short period of time. Children are learning at home, and parents are working remotely—while also supporting the social and emotional needs of their children and managing the stress of being homebound. [National PTA and the Center for Family Engagement] talked with psychologist, author and professor Dr. Earl Turner about these new challenges to learn how to stay happy, healthy and learning during this difficult time. He shares tips for setting routines, managing your mental health and coping with uncertainty.