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Dear Friends,

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, things were plenty rough for the thousands of underserved youth whom we impact with our structured fitness programs.

Their communities already endured a huge gap in fitness opportunities and health outcomes, such as disproportionately high rates of obesity, juvenile diabetes, and other physical and mental health challenges. The pandemic widens these disparities and continues to wreak havoc in the communities that Fit Kids serves.

But we and our partner schools and community centers continue to combat those trends. Partners provided great feedback and much appreciation for the Home Workout videos we created soon after in-person programming shut down. One partner, the Saint Sebastian Sports Project, even requested Fit Kids programming and gained funding for it at 35 more of their schools in some of the hardest-hit parts of Los Angeles.

Working throughout the spring and summer to keep kids moving and fit, we created nearly 150 new videos, showing full workouts, how-to instruction for the fitness moves, and guided yoga and mindfulness practices. We will roll those out on our website this month and introduce a pilot program, sending Home Fitness Bags to at least 1,000 students.

Thanks to our many partners and supporters, Fit Kids as an organization is making the best of these worst of times, so that the communities we serve can do the same.
Behind the Scenes of Our New Videos
What you see above is the look and feel of Fit Kids for the foreseeable future.

In a summer unlike any other, our team stayed busy building a new video library. Until the Coronavirus abates enough to let us and our partners resume in-person training, distance learning will drive our efforts.

Fit Kids produced 98 fitness move demonstration videos and 24 full workout videos with Fitness Instructor Sergio Maldonado, plus 15 yoga videos with Rebecca Guenther, who coached for Fit Kids at our Willow Oaks Elementary innovation site until the shutdown. Most of the videos share routines that require no equipment and can be implemented in limited space.

These high-production-value videos will engage students, teachers, and parents, making it easier than ever for Fit Kids to help keep kids fit.
Buy Bags to Keep Kids Fit
Students from YMSL stuffed 1,000 of these Home Fitness Bags, which we will distribute to students participating in our programs to further fight against inactivity during the Coronavirus pandemic. Each bag contains several pieces of fitness equipment and a monthly calendar that directs families to a section of our website filled with videos of guided workouts and individual fitness moves using the equipment.

For a gift of $25 per bag, you can help us equip more kids with these resources!
A Quick Vote for Fit Kids Funding
Your early-round votes advanced long-time Fit Kids supporter Ilissa Louth to the quarterfinals of the contest to become the next Ms. Health & Fitness. Ilissa will give Fit Kids $10,000 from her prize money if she wins, so please vote daily (once every 24 hours). The quarterfinals end Thursday, Sept. 10 at 8pm PDT/11pm EDT, and if you help Ilissa advance, you can vote for her in the semifinals, starting Sept. 14.
News You Can Use
Did you know that world-class 15-page research reports help Fit Kids keep kids fit? Facts!

Now you can download your own copy of Resistance Training for Children and Adolescents. After all, it's not like the Fit Kids team to keep all the fun for ourselves!

A key strength of this report is the way it debunks such myths as:

  • A child is unable to increase strength before puberty.
  • Young boys and girls may get “muscle bound” if they resistance train.
  • Resistance training may decrease aerobic performance in youth.
  • Resistance training may stunt growth.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this report!
Please Connect Us!
Do you know of a school or community organization that might want Fit Kids? We are always looking for introductions! Please share this video with them and help spread the word about our programs.
If you can connect us to interested schools or organizations, please email Fit Kids Marketing and Communications Consultant David Jacobson with your suggestions.