Dear Wiseburn Families and Friends,

I am so excited to welcome our families back to another school year and for all of the possibilities that are on the horizon for our students. The first day of school is August 27, 2019 and I hope you share in my enthusiasm for the start of a great year. 

I feel very lucky to be a part of a school district with such an excellent support system. Our parents are truly second to none and provide so many ingredients that make Wiseburn an exceptional place for our students to grow. We encourage our parents to partner with us in your child’s education and to support our schools in any way you can. Whether volunteering for a field trip, in a classroom, for special events, or being an active member on the PTA, School Site Council(s), and/or the Wiseburn Education Foundation, your presence will make a difference. Spending time supporting your child’s education can include many tasks, such as attending Back to School Nights, cultivating consistent reading habits, supporting ample study time, and establishing healthy eating and sleeping routines. I am hopeful that every student that walks through our gates has a strong start to the school year! 

Here in Wiseburn we are lucky to have the best teaching and support staff around. Our team works tirelessly to build a culture around safety, connectedness, and high performance. Niche.com recently released the 2020 rankings and Wiseburn Unified School District was ranked as the #1 Safest School District in California ! We are proud of this accomplishment, but also know that we need to continue to ensure that our students have a secure, caring, and healthy learning environment. The Wiseburn community means so much to us and it is always great to know that we are unified in our commitment to support our children as they thrive through school. We will continue to embody the important tenets of respect, empathy, inclusion, compassion, and courage as we understand the value they bring to our children as they grow and mature. 

Our campuses look great and we are prepared for a successful start to the 2019-2020 school year! I look forward to joining you in supporting your child’s educational journey. 

Blake Silvers, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent
Wiseburn Unified School District
2019-20 School Calendars and Bell Schedules
K-2nd Grade 2019-20 School Calendar
3-5th Grade 2019-20 School Calendar
6-8th Grade 2019-20 School Calendar
State Testing Snapshot for WUSD
Wiseburn Unified School District’s 2019 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) early results reveal noteworthy increases for all students in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

WUSD annually outpaces State testing averages leveraging exceptional instruction with enrichment opportunities for students. Over the past four years, Wiseburn Unified School District schools make significant gains in student achievement with all tested grade levels demonstrating consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time, and a reduction in achievement gaps among student populations.
Elementary students continue to increase learning via Cognitively Guided Instruction for Mathematics, a focus on research and inquiry in English Language Arts, ongoing early engineering and coding instruction, and school cultures that address the needs of the whole child. Middle grade instruction is framed around collaborative student teams with 24/7 access to learning, peer-to-peer support structures, and school-wide attention to personalization of learning for all students.
In WUSD, gains over time at all grade levels show a clear pathway to college and career readiness as students begin their high school studies. This is particularly evident with our graduating 8th grade students who scored 84% proficiency this past year in the area of English Language Arts.

Final scores from the State will be available in September. Please look for more detailed information in an upcoming newsletter.

Wiseburn Unified School District Welcomes
New Members to Our Team!
Hugo Rios, Burnett Principal
Hugo is honored to be the new principal of Peter Burnett Elementary. In his role as principal, Hugo plans to create a relationship-based culture with parents as partners. His primary focus will be to promote a positive school climate, so that students, staff, and parents feel welcomed and continue the tradition of academic excellence at Burnett.
Hugo holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from California State University, Long Beach. He believes in the power of public education to transform a student’s life. He knows a quality education will propel a student into a bright future. 

"I am committed to the achievement of all students and am eager to make a difference alongside all members of the Bulldog community!"
Lisa Wilberg, Cabrillo Principal
Lisa has been an educator for the past fourteen years -- the last eight of which have been in Wiseburn as a teacher and assistant principal at Dana Middle School. Her goal will be to continue the positive momentum already taking place at Cabrillo by supporting our school family as they work together to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our students in the most engaging and affirming ways possible.

"As our teachers continue work to build a true professional learning community at our school, I am positive that 2019-2020 is sure to be a great year at Juan Cabrillo Elementary!"
Katie Masterson,
Assistant Principal
Katie has over nine years of teaching experience in elementary schools in Culver City. During this time, Katie served as Administrative Designee and Ed Tech Pioneers team lead for her school to further educate her fellow teachers about educational practices in technology. Katie also participated as a Cotsen Foundation fellow for two years. In this time, she had an opportunity to engage in intensive professional development in Cognitively Guided Instruction for Mathematics.

"I am very excited to be a part of the Wiseburn community and hope to share my passion for learning and teaching with Anza."
Jennifer Williams,
Cabrillo & Burnett
Assistant Principal
Jennifer has over 15 years of teaching experience, all in the Wiseburn Unified School District at Cabrillo Elementary. She spent 12 years teaching first grade before being selected as a Cotsen Math Mentor for two years, followed by one year as a district-funded Math TOSA. Jennifer has a tremendous background in Cognitively Guided Instruction and has utilized her time as a Cotsen mentor to build her leadership capacity and professional network.  

"I have been with the Cabrillo family for 15 years and they have been some of the most fulfilling of my career. I am excited about the opportunity to work with our two new principals and the teachers at both Burnett and Cabrillo to continue with the district programs, enhancing the education and learning experience for all students."
Monique Ingram,
District Elementary School Counselor/Coordinator
Monique earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, M.S. and Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California (USC), and certification to be a School Counselor from USC. Monique has gained a range of experiences related to the promotion of academic achievement, safety in schools, a positive school culture, social-emotional skill development, crisis evaluation and intervention, community partnerships, and individualized supports based on students’ needs. 

"I hope to promote  collaboration, comprised of care, compassion, instruction, and accountability, with Wiseburn families, students, teachers, staff, administrators, and broader community so that Wiseburn students will gain the social-emotional and academic tools they need to be successful scholars, build strong character, and become eager life-long learners." 
Julie Walker,
District Elementary School
Mental Health Clinician
Julie is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She previously was employed by a non-public agency, STAR of California for seven and a half years, providing, supervising and managing school-based services for various school districts and SELPAs around Southern California. She specializes in working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. 

"I hope for a smooth transition and an impactful school year, supporting the Wiseburn Community."
Joanne Michael,
Science-STEM Specialist
Joanne is starting her 14th year in education, teaching Science from Kindergarten through 5th grade and two years in 8th grade. She is excited to begin supporting the Wiseburn teachers in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards

"My hope for this year is for the WUSD staff to gain confidence in teaching the Next Generation Science Standards, for the students to find some aspect of science that speaks to them, and to have an incredible year!"
Aiko Anglim,
District Music Teacher
Aiko has over ten years of music teaching experience in the Los Angeles Area. Her most recent adventure was working for PS Arts, a non-profit organization focusing on improving the lives of children through arts education, as a Teaching Artist. She also has experience in music/science, music/math, and music/ELA/ELD integration in elementary schools. Aiko will primarily spearhead the Kindergarten-2nd grade music program.

"My hope for the 2019-2020 school year is to fill everyone's lives with music! I am excited to help our young students become musicians and for them to create a positive impact on the community. Here's to the beginning of our musical journey!"
Dylan Locke,
District Music Teacher
Dylan is coming to Wiseburn USD from Central California with ten years experience as a middle and high school music instructor and is excited to educate his students to be prepared for higher education, the work force, or whatever pathway they take in life. Dylan has experience in instrumental and choral music and will lead Wiseburn's 3rd-5th grade music program.

"Through music instruction, I believe students will be successful in all walks of life."
Annie Aung,
Coordinator of Facilities and Educational Services
Annie joined the Wiseburn Facilities Planning Department in 2014 to support oversight in the building of the new Wiseburn High School and will continue to support the District Office by working with Educational Services and facilities!
Sarah Moulton,
Dana School Secretary
Susan Castellanos,
Anza School Secretary
Welcome, Sarah and Susan, as their new roles as school secretaries of
Dana and Anza, respectively! Both Sarah and Susan have been a part of the Wiseburn family for several years and look forward to their new, expanded roles in our district.
This school year we are excited to welcome our newest employees. We also want to welcome, and support our staff who are moving grade levels and/or school sites.
  • Deanna Ableser - Multi-grade Drama to Grades 6-8 Drama (Dana)
  • Lorrie Cariaga - 1st grade (Cabrillo) to COTSEN Mentor for Writers Workshop (Cabrillo)
  • Melissa Craig – 2nd Grade (Cabrillo) to Kindergarten (Cabrillo)
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez – Job Share (Cabrillo) to 2nd Grade (Anza)
  • Ilona Grothe - EL 20% job share (Cabrillo)
  • Kim Jones - Supporting the Special Education Department and performing other administrative duties as Ingrid Jaimes, former Program Specialist, secured a position closer to home.
  • Andrea Kabwasa – District-Funded Math TOSA (Burnett) to Special Education (Burnett)
  • Tammy Miller – 3rd Grade (Anza) to 3rd Grade (Burnett)
  • Heidi Obermeyer - District-Funded Math TOSA (Anza) to 3rd Grade (Anza)
  • Madison Scar – Special Education (Burnett) to 4th Grade (Burnett)
  • Kristy Sullivan – 2nd Grade (Anza) to 1st Grade (Anza)
  • Therese Tibbits – Success Learning Center teacher
  • Emily Witkowski – 2nd Grade (Anza) to 1st Grade (Cabrillo)
  • 2nd Grade at Cabrillo – TBD
  • 1st Grade Temp at Cabrillo - TBD
Thank you to all of our instructional aides who continue to support all schools in our district, whether they are changing sites or remaining at their present sites!