Volume 5 Issue 5 | May 2021
WOW... feels good to say that!! 😊
Hoping this month’s edition of the Girls’ Snapshot finds everyone safe and excited to have sports back in our lives. Sports are such a critical part of life & it doesn’t matter if you are a spectator/fan, athlete, coach or a cheering parent, it is the one true constant that brings people together & at the same time takes our focus off of our day-to-day responsibilities. We can let off steam & just breathe happiness. While we may not be back in full force, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Let’s use this spring & summer to get back in shape & ready for the 2021-2022 hockey season which will be more normal & definitely brighter.
This new section of the Girls’ Snapshot will give you a glimpse into what we discuss at our Committee Meetings & ideas we hope to experiment with throughout the season. We may not always update this section & some of the ideas may not come to fruition for one reason or another, but I think it’s important to dream and ALWAYS have a positive mental attitude (PMA).

So….let’s get into it:
2-Choice Rule 
This rule will stay in effect. The upcoming season will be season #3 for this very important rule and there may be some players that may want to make a request for a choice substitution. There is a specific procedure to follow, and the required request form will be available on the AHAI website soon. Please note that there is NO guarantee this will be granted.

Parents’ Education Girls Hockey 101 – Zoom Invite
Important for parents to understand the hockey basics especially in those areas that are different on the Girls’ side of the sport.

Press Conference & Pack the Place College Game
In Illinois we have 2 NCAA Women’s D3 teams & several ACHA teams.

Start of Season BBQ Invite 
We were actually working on this very early on last year & then the pandemic hit.
The Girls’ Committee would love to hear from YOU!!! We want to get our entire community involved in more of these types of events & show the rest of Girls’ Hockey across the country what it's like in Illinois. These events can also help to bring girls into the sport who never thought it possible.

Please feel free to share your ideas with me. Email me at girls@ahai2.org.
***Watch for upcoming events starting in the July issue***
Stay safe, stay healthy & bring on the summer sun!!

Anita Lichterman
Girls’ Committee Chair
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