All four Illinois' health regions are currently on track to move to Phase 4
this Friday, June 26, 2020
Welcome back Illinois!
Chicago will move to Phase 4 of reopening from the coronavirus this Friday along with the rest of the state.
Friday, June 26th -- All four Illinois regions are set to move into Phase 4 and Chicago is in-step. "Essential businesses" involved in "critical infrastructure" that were allowed to continue operating during the pandemic had to overcome unique and difficult challenges for the past four months. Industries that will open for the first time at the beginning of Phase 4 in the Restore Illinois Plan will not have it any easier.
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As anticipated as this moment is, it will not be as simple as flinging open the doors, turning on the lights and welcoming employees back to work business as usual as if nothing has changed. Just as meeting certain health metrics allowed Illinois to move to Phase 4, health metrics may also trigger a return to a prior phase if we are not careful.

Keep in mind that COVID-19 is NOT the same thing as the flu. The only thing COVID-19 and flu patients have in common are some of the symptoms. COVID-19 is far deadlier and more contagious. And there's no vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19...yet.

So as scientists around the world work on developing a vaccine and viable treatment treatment for this insidious disease, it is critical for businesses and individuals to follow current CDC and OSHA guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For instance, during Phase 4 face coverings and social distancing are still the norm.

Government officials through public health care agencies have promised to closely monitor key metrics to immediately identify trends in cases and hospitalizations to determine whether a return to a prior phase may become necessary. The last thing we want to do is squander the sacrifices that we have all made over the past four months. 
Employers Top 3 COVID-19 Challenges
Corkill Insurance understands that you are concerned. Our business partner, Zywave, Inc., conducted a pulse survey to gauge how employers have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers reported there top pandemic-related concerns as economic hardship, HR-related challenges, and new compliance requirements or changes.

Corkill Insurance has the financial, HR and safety expertise, tools, and resources to help you transition workers back to the workplace safely and we are committed to assisting our clients keep their businesses running smoothly and moving forward!
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How Can Businesses Prepare for
a Post-Pandemic Workplace?
Develop a Plan!
Developing an effective Return to the Workplace Plan is not a job for one person. In order to create an effective plan, designate a Return to the Workplace task force that includes all levels of management and represents all aspects of your business. Next examine all business operations to identify potential hazards that need to be controlled. Brainstorm engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to keep workers and customers safe.
  • Engineering controls -- sneeze guards, tape on the floor marking off 6' social distancing, signage, hand sanitizing stations and rearranging break rooms and conference rooms.
  • Administrative controls -- continue remote work when possible, staggered workshifts, protocol for health screening employees/vendors/visitors/customers, periodic cleaning and disinfecting, stocking hand sanitizer/cleaning supplies/PPE, response to sickness, recording and reporting COVID+ cases to OSHA/IDPH, and establishing programs such as Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communication that may not have been needed before.
  • Paying for and providing PPE including face coverings and gloves.
  • Training -- COVID symptoms, BBP, PPE, Hazcom.

And the importance of COMMUNICATING your plan to stakeholders and providing SAFETY AWARENESS TRAINING to protect workers cannot be overstated.
Corkill HR & Safety Services
Corkill Insurance has a team of experienced HR representatives standing by to help you develop and implement the right policies and practices, make your workplace a safer environment with proven risk management techniques, and put your business on track for growth and even more productive days in the future.

Our services include:
  • Up-to-date insights on how to best respond to new COVID-19 regulations
  • Remote work policies & managing remote work-related issues (employee productivity, employee mental health)
  • Support or assistance with timely, thoughtful, accurate and compassionate employee communication on workplace changes, possible COVID+ cases, and more
  • Expertise updating HR policies and procedures
  • Guidance on how to handle an employee that refuses to return to the workplace
  • Advice on how to meet your ADA obligations
  • Help implementing Employee Wellness Programs
  • Assistance with how to handle a confirmed or presumed COVID+ case
  • Business Continuity Plans for COVID-19 and future disruptions
  • Facility Inspections with a focus on mitigating potential exposures to infectious disease
  • Technical resources, guidance and support in the mitigation of hazardous conditions that can assist in protecting your business
  • Safety and health training that includes a solid foundation of safety training for employees, as well as a look at their own personal roles and responsibilities for safety
  • Expertise in governmental regulations and the workings of government agency inspections and negotiation processes, and acting as liaison with government agencies (DOL, IDPH)

We look forward to demonstrating the Corkill Difference to your company.
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