Get To Know Our Welcome Back Protocol
We are excited to be EMERG’YNG from quarantine and look forward to WELCOM’YNG you back
into the studio!
We have been work’yng hard behind the scenes to ensure that, beyond being in compliance with CDC guidelines, we are able to implement elevated safety and sanitation measures that will further support a healthy in-studio experience. Your well-being is our top priority as we re-open June 1st.

Here are steps we are taking as we responsibly re-open.

Plus, important details you need to know about for your first visit back, which will have a few changes from the check-in process you were used to.

-Temperature Checks: All staff and clients will be temperature checked at our entry doors. No one with a temperature above CDC’s recommendation of 100.4 will be allowed into the studio.

-Masks : All staff will be wearing masks, except instructors while teaching class. A mask will be required upon entry for each member - no exceptions.

-Pre-Registration: All class participants must pre-register to take class on the YNG App, through the Mindbody App (on Google Play or the App Store for iPhone) or through the YNG Studios website . No walk-ins will be accepted as class sizes will be limited to accommodate social distancing. Also, classes will only be available for pre-registration 24 Hours in advance.

-Modified Schedule : Initially we will have two classes per day, however we will be adding on more classes per day in the upcoming weeks. This will allow our staff and members to acclimate to the new in-studio experience seamlessly and we ca grow our schedule accordingly.

-Cancellations: Canceling a class less than 24 Hours in advance and No-Shows will result in Autopay members losing the ability to pre-register for class. They will then only be allowed to be added to a wait list for class and will be notified 24 hours prior if there will be room in the class for them to attend.

-Mats: All available spaces to lay out mats will be pre-marked in each studio room. These indicators are the only places a yoga mat may be laid to ensure proper social distancing. Bring your own mat or purchase one at the studio. We are not offering mat rentals at this time.

-Towels: Bring your own towel or purchase one at the studio. We are not offering towel service at this time.

-Props: Blocks, bolsters and blankets will not be available. You may bring your own or purchase available inventory that has been sanitized from the studio. Weights will be provided.

-Restrooms: While our restrooms will be available, our showers will not be.

-Cubbies: Temporarily, we will be asking members to take their belongings into the yoga room with them. Access to cubbies in the lobby will not be available at this time. So, please limit what you bring into the studio.

-Access: Members will have one way access into the studio. Members will enter through the front door and will exit from the yoga room though the back door. Members cannot re-enter the lobby after the class unless they exit the back door and re-enter through the front door.

-Retail : See something you like? We can ring it up for you while you are in class and have it wrapped and ready for you at the yoga room door to collect as you exit.

-Sanitation : In between each class, the studio room, all weights and common areas will be completely sanitized with medical grade cleaning and sanitation products. Hand sanitizer will be available in the studio.

-Your First Visit Back: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your class time. You will need to complete the new contactless check-in process and sign new waivers upon entry which will take some additional time. We NEED your help to ensure this happens smoothly. You will not be allowed to take class until the new check-in process and waivers are complete.

-Lost and Found: Our Lost and Found policy is changing - items left at the studio for more than 24 hours will be discarded for sanitary reasons.

Here are things you can do to help elevate the vibe and ensure we maintain a healthy environment:

-Wash your hands before and after class.

-Stay six feet away from others in the studio.

-Wear a mask before and after class.

-Stay home from class if you or anyone in your household is not feeling well.

-If you have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home until you are no longer experiencing symptoms.

-If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with someone who has, please do not come into the studio until you are cleared by your doctor.

-Upon entry and exit from the studio, please wash your hands and wipe down your mat and all props.

We will continue to monitor developments and recommendations from the CDC in order to adjust as necessary to ensure we curate a safe and healthy environment for all of our members and staff. 

We look forward to seeing you back in the studio as we have missed your light, energy and in-person connection. We can't wait to see you! Your favorite yoga sanctuary is waiting to welcome you home.

Love and Light,
Deborah Miller and the YNG Studios Team
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