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spring GARDENing 101
Welcome to the first day of spring! Recent weather events have been disarming as ice, extreme wind, and rainy days kept us hopping. Almost overnight we can see that uncertain weather does not stop the natural order of the next season. Bulbs are blooming, cool season weeds are popping, and our beautiful Dogwood trees are singing spring. Redbuds have been particularly beautiful this year. The next few months will be busy as usual to get things planted and tended to. If you haven't already, consider refreshing your mulch. Keeping the basics taken care of is key to landscape health.

January, February, and March turf has been treated with high calcium lime, pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer, and organic soil supplement with iron. Another round of pre-emergent goes on in April before regular mowing season. Rain for the last two months caused us to start mowing a few yards early, but mowing season technically starts next week.
Spring Gardening

March to mid-April are crucial. We received a notice last week from our Green Resource representative that warm temperatures and high wind speeds have caused some wilting of Fescue and localized dry spots. It is hard to believe that we are two inches behind on rainfall. Pre-emergents need water to activate, so we are keeping a close watch on that situation. Also, we keep hearing about possible frost. Air and soil temperatures are important for planting. Be patient and do not plant too early. We just began seasonal irrigation turn ons and annual inspection of systems to gear up for spring and summer!

Azaleas are blooming about two weeks earlier this year. Many garden centers have already received blooming plants so make note so you can choose among all of the beautiful colors available.

Weeds are common in spring, but his year's weather conditions have weeds popping up a little earlier. Two most common are Poa annua and Poa trivialis. They are identified by size, shape and color of their leaves. Both have thin stems with short broad leaves and a light green color. Poa annua produces seed heads in spring and fall, while Poa trivialis produces seed heads in the fall. See more...

Check out some of the best plants to plant in spring and think about adding a new plant in your landscape this year. See more...

May is when we install seasonal flowers with orders placed in January. Spring offers a wider selection of plant material than fall and many clients love to experiment. The availability of certain plants and/or colors may be limited later in the season, so contact Jamie Kent at if you want to add this service. Baskets, pots, and flower boxes are waiting on that new color to arrive!
This year we celebrate 31 years in the landscape industry. We appreciate our employees, clients, and the opportunity to provide quality landscape services at a fair price. We also strive for happy employees to serve satisfied clients who provide profitable work. We sometimes get asked "what is the value of your services?" It is a good question that we try not to give a cookie cutter answer to because each situation is unique. A start to answer that question might include not only cost, but timing, conditions of satisfaction, expectations, and good old communication. We contacted the National Association of Landscape Professionals and got some information that we want to pass on to you. Over the course of this year, we will continue to explore this concept and pass on our findings. In the meantime, please take a moment to view or How Much Does an Average Lawn Mowing or Maintenance Service Cost?

T hank You 
Kawasaki Engines and Advanced Power Products In Denver, NC!
Our company was awarded a "Free Crew Meal from Subway" 
from Kawasaki Engines through the Advanced Power Products dealership in Denver. We visited Advanced Power Products and received a warm welcome from Dustin's employees. We extend our grateful thanks and want others to know about Advanced Power Products located at 3042 North Highway 16, Denver, NC 28037.
To both companies, a great big thank you from our employees.
First Day of Spring March 20

March 22 UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens at McMillan Greenhouse  
9090 Craver Road

March 1 - April 1 Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary
April 6- April 9
248 Ridgewood Avenue

April Events

May 1 1:00-5:30 PM
Historic Rosedale Plantation
3427 North Tryon St  Charlotte,  NC  28206

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