Welcome Back Shalom!

What an amazing start to the year! It was so exciting to
welcome back our returning students as well as the new
students that have joined the Shalom Torah family!

Our teachers and staff put in a long and productive summer to
ensure that Shalom Torah 2019-20 will be better than ever! Our
grounds have been given a fresh overhaul with new landscaping. Our
building was gone over meticulously to ensure that our students will
be able to learn in a clean and comfortable environment.

Our students were welcomed by the Shalom Candy girls! The
girls gave out candy grams encouraging all students to enjoy a
sweet moment at STA. This year's theme is focusing on all of the
good, positive, sweet things Hashem does for us and has done
for the world. The theme is also focusing on the positive,
optimistic angle of life and the tremendous benefits
that there is to leading a life of sweetness.

We had a welcome assembly followed by the students getting
right to work learning with their teachers. The Preschool had their
orientation where little, eager learners were able to experience their
new classroom along with their parents. The elementary students then
had the opportunity to meet our new administrators as well as having a
thorough and comprehensive orientation to the new school year.

We are so excited at the promise of the new year!

Wishing you and your family, and the entire extended
Shalom Torah family a great year of learning,
growing, health and happiness!

Rabbi Eli Meir Kramer
Rabbi Pinchos Scharf
Mrs. Aviva Hoberman