Welcome Back to Vibe Fit Studio - 
In-Studio, Virtual and On-Demand Classes Now Available!


It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we saw most of you face-to-face! We've been through a lot of challenges these past few months and some good came out of it too. We are looking forward to a re-energized workout schedule that will be a little different for us all, but just as fun & effective!
We know from the survey and from talking with you that we have some who would like to continue virtually and some who would like to try in-person. That's perfect since we are required to operate in-person at a reduced capacity and we have new capabilities to stream classes virtually (no matter where you are)!

This is new territory for us all, so thank you for your patience and kindness as we are all navigating the new precautions needed to keep us healthy. 

Starting this Tuesday, September 15we will be opening IN-STUDIO starting with limited days per week. Not every class, every day will be offered in-studio so please see your class options in MindBody. The weekly in-studio schedule is subject to change.

We will ALSO continue to stream the FULL schedule of classes virtually, even if the class is offered in-studio, and we are continuing on-demand classes due to their popularity. Book in MindBody. 

IN-STUDIO PRE-BOOKING REQUIRED - SPACE IS LIMITED to 8-10 people per class depending on the class.  A minimum of 3 people must be booked for the in-person class at least one hour in advance of the class or the class may be cancelled.  If an in-person class is cancelled you will be notified by email and given the option to join virtually or be refunded.

We will require clients to book in MindBody for the in-studio classes prior to class time. Due to the limited capacity, if you do not cancel your reservation in MindBody and you do not show up for the class session your class will not be refunded.

We know things come up but please be mindful of others who could have taken your spot and cancel in MindBody with as much notice as possible. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to come to class is able to sign up for the time that works for them.

Of course you know by now - please do not come to the studio if you are not feeling well. Hand sanitize before and after your workouts. 

Everyone will have their own taped off space on the floor to stay in for the workout to ensure that we are social distancing the entire time. 

Please limit the amount of bags & other belongings you bring with you to things you'll need for your workout like: a pair of clean shoes to wear inside the studio, your water bottle and towel. Please bring your own yoga mat if the class uses one. If you forget it, we have one to use & disinfect but would rather you use your own. 

Please use the restroom before coming to class. The bathroom will be open, but we'd like to use it for emergencies only.
There are many different rules and opinions on wearing masks while in the gym but what we are going to follow is: we will require you to wear a mask walking in and out of the studio, as well as if you are moving about the studio not working out.  

Once you have gotten to your taped off space on the floor for the workout it will be your choice if you keep your mask on or take it off for the workout. We have made sure that the space between each person will be 6 feet apart. Instructor(s) will be wearing masks at all times except during the workout, in which they will have their own instructing space too. 
During class we will be locking the doors. If you arrive early for your class time please wait outside or in your car and allow the previous class to exit and for us to disinfect. We will unlock the doors and allow the next class inside. As much as we can't wait to see everyone, we do ask that you do not show up any more than 10 minutes before class and if you want to stay after and chat with other members please take the conversation outdoors to allow us time to clean the studio for the next group. In keeping with social distancing protocols, we will be saving the hugs, hands on corrections, or any other physical contact with each other until this strange time we are living in has passed.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all - vibefitstudio@gmail.com. We can't wait to see everyone again! 

Thank you so much for all of your support through all this craziness!
Welcome back!