Welcome back!

Thank You
Your commitment to make a difference in a student’s life is appreciated by so many! School and district personnel, parents and of course the students themselves recognize the benefits of your positive presence.

Mentors will be contacted by school personnel to set a day of the week, time and start date. If you don’t hear from the school by September 5 th, please contact the School Volunteer Liaison or our office so we can assist. Our goal is to reunite everyone as quickly as possible!

Returning Mentors Getting Connected with Your Student
Start Time
Though school starts August 13 th it will take some time for schedules to be adjusted and students to acclimate to being back in the classroom. To give staff and students the time they need to get back into routine, mentors will begin meeting with their students once again in mid-September.

If your student has Moved to a New School
If your student transitions to a new school or has moved, please plan to follow them if possible! When a student changes schools, the School Volunteer Liaison will receive an alert regarding your past connection to the student. Once students are settled into their class and lunch schedules, you will be contacted about a start day and time.

New 6 th Graders
If your student is about to begin the 6 th grade, talk with them and the School Volunteer Liaison about expanding their mentoring opportunity as a Take Stock in Children Pinellas participant, which can result in the earning of a paid college tuition. See the website for more information: pinellaseducation.org/students/take-stock-in-children
5000 Role Models of Excellence or Girlfriends Mentors, the group facilitators at your school will contact you in Mid-September to set the monthly dates/times for your group meetings.

Contacting Your School
If you’d like to contact the school to touch base now or any time during the year, here is the contact information for all schools and the list of all School Volunteer Liaisons by school.

Logging Hours
Please be sure to log your volunteer hours at the school, work or on your home computer! Using the Google Chrome browser, go to focus.pcsb.org/volunteer and enter your username and password. Please contact the School Volunteer Liaison with any issues or questions you may have regarding your volunteer account.

There are resources to help you with your mentoring! For conversation starters, activities and more go to: pcsb.org/mentorresources. Watch for upcoming communication inviting you to participate in the Lunch Pals Summits, a series of free personal and professional growth opportunities, a monthly News & Tips email, and our new webinar series to support your mentoring experience.

Share Your Experience
Do you know someone who would enjoy the experience of making a difference to a student? Share your personal story with them and encourage them to get involved! Community Mentor Workshops and registration can be found at pcsb.org/mentors
Concerns and Questions
Please contact your School Volunteer Liaison if you have any concerns or questions. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact either of us. If you cannot continue to mentor this school year please click unsubscribe.
Thanks again,

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