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Crop Talk: January 21, 2014
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Ordering Seeds & Big Boy Toys


Some ask, "Why do we sign up for CSA so early in the year when nothing is available yet?" Very good question and you might be surprised that this is still a busy time of the year. First comes the planning. We layout our fields to make sure we are rotating crops for pest and soil management and to make u-pick produce as convenient as possible for our guests. Then we have to order all of our GMO Free seeds for over 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Bean PickerIt helps to have members signed up in January so we can better estimate how much seed to purchase and secure the most popular items before they sell out.  Finally, this is Farmer Scott's opportunity to service all our farm equipment to get everything in top condition for the new season. We are looking for the newest addition to our equipment shed... a pea & bean picker! This will provide more beans and pea's this year for our CSA boxes.

Packaging Focus & New Variety Highlight CSA Enhancements for 2014
Survey Says.......

Each year we plan new ways to plant, pick, pack & ship our produce so it is ripe and ready to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who took our CSA survey last November!  We take your feedback and make improvements for the new year.'s what's new for 2014......
  • Instead of delivering this year, Farmer Andrew will be with our packing crew to ensure your produce is top quality before it goes in each CSA box. 
  • With Farmer Andrew, there will be better communication from our members to the packing crew.
  • We have researched and ordered new packaging containers for delicate produce.
  • We learned that the variety of tomato we grew last year, which was cultivated for shipping did not have the same flavor our members have come to expect.  We will still have plenty of heirlooms in the Farm Market for pack your own members and are switching our varieties we deliver for more flavor.
  • We have a new editorial process to have Crop Talks out in the early afternoon on Mondays so members can better plan their weekly shopping.
  • Lastly, we are looking to hire new delivery drivers able to drive for the whole season.  We love our college students but want to deliver more consistently when school starts back up. Know anyone able to drive from June through October?  Send them our way via for more information.

What if an item arrives that doesn't meet your expectations? Let us know and we will make it right. We are grateful that you are supporting local and we want you to have a wonderful experience year after year.

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We are so thrilled to,have you back as part of our CSA family. Share the love on Yelp and help us keep our CSA going strong. If you haven't used Yelp before, it is a great resource to find local businesses and find out what others think of them before you try them out. Can you help share your memories so others can see all the benefits of our farm? Click Here to visit Yelp!

~NEW~ CSA Group Site
Welcome Great Harvest Bread Company!
Whole Grain
Our newest Public Group Site is the Great Harvest Bread Co. located in Ashburn, Herndon & Vienna, VA. Save $100 off  home delivery by picking up your CSA box at this or any of our public group locations. Stop by to try some freshly baked bread with high fiber & whole-grains, which has been shown to satisfy appetite, curb hunger, and reduce calorie intake.

Email us if you would like to switch to this location or check out all the Public Group Site options by clicking HERE.
 Brussels Sprouts with Potato Hash & Fried Eggs
William Sonoma Recipe  Brussels & Potato Hash
An unexpected twist on a classic, brussels sprouts add a delicious crunch to traditional hash. Serve with a warm baguette for any meal. If you have leftover cooked brussels sprouts or potatoes, this recipe is a great way to use them up. I personally added bacon bits, because who could have eggs without bacon! Click Here for the recipe.
Grand Opening: Egg Hunt & Marshmallow Harvest
APRIL 5 & 6, 2014

Save the date for our grand opening! After a long cold winter, nothing chases away the chill like a visit to the farm! Join us for the first "crop" of the spring-- Marshmallow Picking!! Do marshmallow peeps grow on trees? Be sure to check it out and harvest a few to roast on the bonfire with Farmer Bob.
Farm News
Be a farmer and join us for the 2014 season! We are looking for individuals interested in being a field trip tour guide starting in April Tues-Friday or a CSA Delivery Driver from June-October, Tues-Friday. Contact for more information about the positions.
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CSA is now open for sign up! Please log on to your account to confirm your details and make a payment.

New Members will be able to sign up Monday, January 27th so reserve your space today!
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