Welcome Back for a SAFE year!
Welcome back to school and back for another SAFE year!!!
Please welcome Chase Hobart as our newest member of KTSRO and SAFE Traffic Safety Specialist in Southeast Kansas.
  1. Reminders for this SAFE year: Please fill out Agreement form, followed by Educational Activity Outline as these are REQUIRED prior to receiving your check request. If you need assistance please reach out to the SAFE specialist in your area.
  2. Our website is under construction currently and will be improved to be more user-friendly moving forward, please be patient with us!
  3. NEW this year: SAFE shirts will be available through an online store and direct-shipped to you, so you won’t have to utilize your SAFE money or request additional funds. Funding for shirts will not be approved through check requests, please utilize the store feature. Again, this will be available soon.
  4. Please join the SAFE sponsor Facebook group. This is a group dedicated for SAFE sponsors and our SAFE team to generate ideas and ask questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428161706018464
  5. If you’re a new sponsor or just a sponsor wanting a refresher, please join one of the scheduled Sponsor Symposiums, another great opportunity for questions. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84392311163
  6. Lastly please put on your calendar: Kansas Teen Traffic Safety Conference (KTTSC) November 8th and 9th in Wichita at the Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel.