P-Knot-Part 2: The Glutes
Did you know your long commute to work or those long hours spent at your desk can cause muscle restriction and pain?
Here, Abby shares how the P-Knot, as known as the next generation of foam rolling,  can release those tight, painful muscles in your gluteal or buttock region. These muscles  are often caused by long periods of sitting and can be  the source of pain in the low bac k, hip or gluteal region. Just 90 seconds with the P-Knot can make a difference in how  you feel!

P-Knotting the Glutes
P-Knotting the Glutes

Meet Chantel Caraballo, LMT
Chantel's desire to become a massage therapist began while she was in high school. Through researching massage therapy, Chantel found how she could help relieve her mother's sciatic nerve pain. Her work experience as a massage therapist has shown her first hand that massage therapy has the ability to aid the body in healing itself from a variety of ailments. She enjoys integrating relaxation techniques and focused regional work to help her clients experience relief.  Chantel is available Wednesday through Saturday. 

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