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In This Issue: July 2013
Great Places to Cycle: Simcoe County
Bike Fitting Basics
Feature Event: Minden 150
Bike To Work Winner
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GranFondo Ottawa
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July 20

Tour de Norfolk
July 20 & 21 

Gabrielle's Ride
July 20

Friends For Life
Bike Rally

July 28 - August 2


Minden 150

August 9 & 10


Lost in the
Rocks & Trees

August 10


Great Waterfront 
Trail Adventure

August 11 - 17


Tour de Bonnechere

August 18


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VOLUNTEER: GranFondo  
Niagara Falls
Volunteers are needed for the September 15

GranFondo Niagara Falls

If you can't ride it - join the fun and help out. There are numerous positions available and several thousand cyclists expected to participate.

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Great Places to Cycle: 
Ottawa Valley & Renfrew County

North of the capital city, the Ottawa River opens up into the Ottawa Valley, much of which lies in beautiful Renfrew County. Big vista's and flat fertile riverside lands roll into gentle hills as you cycle westward from the water. With a combo of road routes with interesting stops enroute, mountain biking and rail trail opportunities there is plenty to discover in the Valley, summer, spring and into the colourful fall months. 


Online use the Ottawa Valley Biking Trail Guide to find info and maps to guide you on any one of the 25 routes, along quiet country roads or trails, with stops at historical waypoints including old mills and homesteads, Capone's hideout, country hamlets with tasty food stops or a riverside picnic, waterfalls and lakeside swim locations.

While there are countless multi-use trails, there are a number of trails exclusive to mountain biking, boasting technically challenging terrain calling out to enthusiasts. Paddle and peddle packages from several well known whitewater rafting outfits cater to both road and mountain bikers.

There are a number cycling events throughout the region and also the ongoing cycle Foymount Hill challenge sending cyclists up to the highest populated point in Ontario and site of a cold war era radar station. The ride which can be 10km to 100km, depending on where you start, can be as challenging as you want to make it. Join a larger group and participate in the Tour de Bonnechere, riding out of Eganville on August 19. 

The Welcome Cyclists Network recently expanded to Renfrew County, and we invite you to find out more about cycling in the Valley and the 17 (and growing) certified bicycle friendly businesses by visiting the following page:

Ottawa Valley Tourism Association


For additional tourism information visit: 



View video of the Foymount Hill Challenge and the Ottawa Valley views HERE 

Bike Fitting Basics
You may think bike fitting is something for pro cyclists to concern themselves with but there are some basic points that can help everyone have a more comfortable ride.


Bike Fit

There are three primary areas to consider when setting yourself up for the most comfortable bike ride whether you are a recreational rider, road cyclist or mountain biker. While you can pay some well spent money to your local bike retailer who has the expertise to adjust all to your body, bike and ride style the following points are some of the basic parameters of ensuring a proper fit on either your old trusty bike or a brand new purchase.  


1. Saddle-to-Stem Distance - The basic rule of thumb here is that with your elbow set against the tip of your saddle and arm extended at a right angle your middle finger should touch the middle of your steering tube.


2. Saddle Height - If by putting your armpit over the top of your saddle and reaching your arm downwards so that your middle finger touches exactly the top of your bottom bracket on the rear wheel, you've got a good fit.


Bike Fit

3. Stem Height and Length - This along with the points listed above greatly affect your comfort while riding those longer distances and also will help you avoid perhaps the most common discomfort which can be aptly described as the 'vulture position', causing neck and shoulder pain.  Depending on a number of factors the height of the stem of your handlebars should range between 2 and 4 fingers worth of space.


There is a science behind bike fitting and you can choose the level you want to take it to. There are also many other factors that can affect your fit including: body type, sex, flexibility and type of riding you enjoy.


Do some more research on-line and/or ask the pros at your local bike store for some advice to make your bike work for you. 

Feature Event: Minden 150
Minden 150

Get out there and cycle the Haliburton Highlands on August 10, joining the annual Minden 150 cycling event. With an open invitation to participants of all levels, this year's ride will help to raise funds needed to help the town of Minden repair an extraordinary amount of damage caused by the floods and high waters this past spring. During this time much of the town

center, businesses and residents were affected along with visitors to this popular cottage country destination, and almost 3 months later there is still much to do. 


With a variety of road route lengths (40km, 70km & 150km) combined with the stunning highland scenery, post event BBQ and activities, no rider will be disappointed! New this year is the Family Fondo Ride the night before, with fun and free activities for even the youngest cyclists.


There is plenty to do in the area, more than enough for a weekend visit or longer. Combining an art tour by bike, mountain biking at Sir Sam's or Haliburton Forest, tasting local fare and cooling down lakeside are just some of the activities awaiting.


Link HERE for event information 


For more information on cycling in the area visit www.welcomecyclists.ca/haliburtonhighlands

Bike To Work Winner
Congratulations to the winner of the 2013 Bike to Work - Welcome Cyclists Getaway Package Prize to Kingston. 
Bike To Work Winner


Loriann Ierullo of Bradford took the pledge and won. Riding her bike to her Smart Commute workplace at the Town of Aurora, during Bike Month.


Loriann plus one will be enjoying a VIA Rail 1st class ticket bringing her bike to Kingston, staying at bike friendly First Canada Inns, and stopping in at historic Fort Henry whilst visiting for two nights. 


Prize courtesy of participating locations and Tourism Kingston.


Make sure you enter next year, and keep biking till then. 

Enjoy the hot summer sun, ride early or ride late, stay hydrated and consider stopping at a river, lake or waterfall to keep your cool. 

Keep pedalling, 
From Louisa & Joanne 
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