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In This Issue: October 2013
Great Places to Cycle: Ontario
It has Arrived: Cyclo-Cross Season
Staying Cycle Fit Over the Winter
Cycling Events

Apart from cyclo-cross, there aren't many cycling events scheduled for the remainder of 2013. 


But stay tuned for our  2014 event listings. One of the most visited pages on our website, with over 80 cycling events listed, we will be updating dates and event information for all as 2014 approaches. 


Event Listings

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Ontario Tourism Blog 
We were recently asked to submit several blog postings for Ontario Outdoor Adventures. 

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This is our last monthly e-newsletter of the year. 

We have had fun putting together content for you to read in our 7 issues, and have hopefully inspired you to explore more of Ontario by bike. 


An archive of past newsletters can be reviewed on our website, or linking directly HERE

Bike Train
Regular Bike Train options with both GO Transit and VIA Rail have now ended for the season. 

GO bus connections with bike racks are still available to and from Niagara and VIA Rail transports bikes as luggage through out the year. 

Bike Train

For more info and 2014 schedule updates as available visit:

After another successful year, the 2013 Parkbus schedule is now finished, with runs to Provincial and National Parks resuming again in Spring 2014. 


Stay up to date with new year schedule announcements and lots of other fun and interesting postings at: 


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Great Places to Cycle: Ontario
As seasons change and the number of perfect cycling days dwindles, you may already be thinking forward, or soon to, pondering and planning your 2014 adventures. With so many great destinations to choose  
from across Ontario, it may be hard to create a top trip 
list. But no matter where you choose to go there are plenty of options to include some type of cycling into a day, weekend, week long or longer trip. Here are some trip tips and options that you may want to consider:


Self guided trips and tours

- It is easy to find information on rides and recommended routes with a variety of lengths and attractions en route.  Even without planning ahead, just hopping on two wheels to explore local trails or roads is a great way to see your holiday destination from a different perspective. 


Cycling Events - An easy way to see a new area is to sign up and participate in a cycling event. There are many types of events, charity fundraising, family friendly, mountain bike, recreational, and touring rides plus competitive races to choose from. Usually offering marked routes and after event festivities, cycling with a larger group is not only fun but a great way to explore a new area by bike.


Bike rentals and tourMuskoka Lake Lookouts - If you are not arriving with bikes on the back of your vehicle or using a Bike Train service, most great ride destinations have   and/or bike tour operators
that can help you make the most of your day out and get you to some of the best local cycling spots.   


With so many options and great places to cycle across Ontario, we hope to make the pairing of trip planning resources and local cycling information that much easier for you with a full range of information and links to cycling maps, tours, events, and rental shops plus over 750 certified bicycle friendly businesses and locations in regions across the province. www.welcomecyclists.ca 
 It has Arrived: Cyclo-Cross Season
What involves vastly mixed terrain, a gruelling pace and a buzz that is growing in popularity throughout the province? It's called Cyclo-Cross, also known as "CX". 

The evolution of mountain biking and cross-country races has converged on an exciting style of racing known as "Cyclo-Cross". The races consist of intense multiple laps of a modest-to-short course (typically 2-3 kms). The course itself is made up of mixed terrain including pavement, gravel and single dirt tracks with natural obstacles like rocks and roots, steep hills, sharp declines and even the addition of man-made barriers such as wooden walls that require riders to dismount and carry their bikes over. Cyclo-cross racing often sees riders dismounting up to 30 times in a single race and is considered a shorter race, taking up to only an hour to finish.

While boasting a longer history throughout Europe, cyclo-cross has been known as more of a niche sport in North America. However, the growing numbers seen in the race fields (and as spectators) are indicating that this sport is moving from niche to mainstream.

Throughout Canada and the US, the cyclo-cross season typically begins in September and comes to an end in December due to the colder weather. The seasonal nature of the sport, with races occurring throughout the autumn and early winter months, means that weather and course conditions are varied, anywhere from wet and muddy to dry and dusty.

At a glance, the typical cyclo-cross bicycle offers many similarities to road racing bike designs such as its lightweight frame, drop handle bars, and narrow tire dimensions. But don't judge a book (or a bike) by its cover. Cyclo-cross bikes are unique and the equipment differs from other styles of cycling equipment in a number of ways. The main structural differences generally relate to the extreme conditions and the increased strain the bike is put through during a race. Increased tire clearance to allow for knobby tires (and thus better traction), tubeless tire wells to reduce pinch flats and modified braking systems to limit the chances of mud and debris obstructing a rider's brakes.

It's no surprise to see the growing popularity of these bikes with recreational cyclists who are seeking versatility in their bicycles - a hybrid of sorts between road and mountain biking.

From weekly training and race series to internationally recognized races, Ontario now possesses a full event calendar of cyclo-cross programs from now until December. For a list of the great cyclo-cross events throughout Ontario check the Ontario Cycling Association's event calendar here.


Staying Cycle Fit Over the Winter

By Vicky Laurens


A popular topic in cyclists' minds this time of the year is how to stay in shape during the off-season. Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from.  


For those of you like myself who prefer outdoor activities, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are great ways to keep active and in good shape until spring arrives.


For those of you who prefer indoor activities, spinning may be of interest, as participants ride a stationary bike at varying speeds during a class-like setting. I personally have enjoyed the classes I have done at specialized spinning studios over those classes held at gyms offering a variety of programs. Class lengths can vary from 1 to 2 hours with the longer classes becoming a bit more popular at studios. As a Thanksgiving special, one of my favourite studios offered a 3 hour class, what a great idea to burn off the extra holiday calories! 


Many spinning studios have bikes already set up for riders, but some require you to bring your own bike to place on a trainer.  I have not had the opportunity to try this out yet, but I think I may enjoy this more because it would feel closer to the real thing, minus the scenery. Specialized spinning studios can be found in most urban centres and classes are held at many gyms offering a variety of programs.  


Last but not least, running fits both indoors and outdoors crowds; to stay motivated during the colder days as well as for safety, consider joining a local running group. 


Until next Spring, stay active. 

This is our last e-newsletter of the year. Thank you for staying in touch and being faithful readers of our monthly send-out that now reaches over 4,000 cyclists. 

You will be pleased to know that we have already started working on some new programming and promotions for 2014. We are also working with a growing number of regional partners who have new riding routes, cycling maps and events in store for the new year. 

Lastly we are pleased to introduce our new team member, Michael McCreesh, who will be working with us over the winter and beyond as marketing coordinator of our cycling programs. 


We hope you are able to remain connected via our Facebook or Twitter postings and please know that we welcome your phone calls or emails until we next correspond. 


From Louisa, Joanne & Michael 
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