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Welcome Ebenezer Baptist Church West
We are thrilled that Ebenezer Baptist Church West will be joining the IHNA network. Welcome and thank you! With Ebenezer this brings the total number of congregations in our network to 39. 

We continue to search for new host and support congregations. If you know of a congregation that is interested in joining us, please contact Stacy Pardue at: assist.ihnathens@gmail.com
We need you to go Over The Edge on August 25!
Eric Ness from First Pres having a blast!
YOU are invited to the 2018  Over The  Edge  Launch  Party! 

The event will be held on Tuesday, June 12 at 6 pm at Children First (693 N. Pope Street - across from Emmanuel Episcopal). Please put this on your calendar and invite others to come. There will be light snacks and cold beverages.

This i s a great opportunity for edgers and prospective edgers to gather and find out more about the  Over  The   Edge  experience. This is also a good time to ask questions about fundraising, rappelling, etc. 

Currently, we have a goal of 30 folks to rappel and we have seven wonderful folks signed up. You can join them and help our families who are experiencing homelessness. 

To find out more and to sign up visit: http://www.ihnathens.org/over-the-edge.html
Upcoming opportunities for IHNA training
We have two upcoming training opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with IHNA, please join us for one of these dates:
Thursday, May 31, 6:30 pm at Union Christian
Sunday, July 1, noon at Athens Church of Christ
Contact Stacy Pardue at: assist.ihnathens@gmail.com if you have any questions.
More thoughts on Family Homelessness
Our new intern, Tamra Nasworthy, shared the following video with us and now we are sharing it with you. Thanks to all of our donors and volunteers who are helping to address the issue of family homelessness. Thanks Tamra!

Click this link to watch:
Childcare is critical to the work that we do
IHNA is full with three hard working families and they are doing their best to find affordable housing and to move into a permanent home. Because all three of our families are employed, their children are in childcare during the day which IHNA covers while they are in our program. 

In 2018, IHNA has seen a significant increase in our childcare costs. The reasons for this include: our shelter is now open 365 days a year (in the past we closed down for about six weeks because we did not have enough host congregations to house our families; in the past two years we have increased the number of congregations in our network from 22 to 39) and we are working diligently to not have any empty spaces in our shelter (in the past it has taken significant time to find and move a new family in; we have made changes so that a space is not empty but for a day or two). 

Both of these reasons meant that we are taking care of more children and paying for their childcare. We have also seen a rise of families with small children (under the age of 4) and therefore these children are not in school and need full time day care. 

All of these reasons mean that our childcare cost could almost double in 2018. In 2017, we spent close to $14,000 in childcare. As of April 30, 2018, we had spent over $16,000 in childcare. 

Want to help? Consider making a gift to help us with the significant increase in childcare costs. To make a gift of support, go to:  http://www.ihnathens.org/donate-now.html
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA
393-1 West Hancock Ave

Davin Welter, Executive Director - director@ihnathens.org

Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director - assist.ihnathens@gmail.com

Collisa Lankford, Interim Service Director -

Phone: 706-425-1881
To make an gift that will help us care for children and families that are experiencing homelessness, Click here. 

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