June Newsletter
New Home
After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti last August, Ines Lozano traveled to Haiti, where she met the family of Bernad Leasiane. Her house had major damages to the point where it was not a safe place for her and her eight children to live.
FH4H committed to help Leasiane build a new home for her and her family. With the construction of the house almost finished, we want to take the opportunity to thank all the donors who made it possible.

Bernad Leasiane and her children
The house after the earthquake
The house now
Presnel's Return
Presnel with his wife and kids

Presnel and his wife have returned to Ile-a-Vache where they were finally reunited with their kids!
We would like to thank again to all the people involved in Presnel's recovery. Special thanks again to NPH in the Dominican Republic for hosting and taking care of the couple since October. Also to DR oncologist radiotherapists Dr Luis Moreno and Doctor Maria Vasquez. Presnel returned after eight months in the Dominican Republic where he received the radiotherapy he needed to fully recover from the cancer on his neck. 
Presnel wrote a message to FH4H that reads: " I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am for all those who have been involved in my recovery. I never thought I would be able to hug my kids again.

Update: Saint Michel school in Les Cayes
Saint Michel is a school that was completely destroyed by the earthquake in August 12, 2021. In October the classes were able to resume in tents that FH4H provided as a temporary solution.
With the fundraising from the VI Annual Brazilian Night, construction on new wooden structure classrooms has begun. Thank you to all who attended and participated in the raffle. Your contribution has made this possible!

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