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Reserve Study Best Practices & the Most Common Omission in Forecasting
A comprehensive facility assessment is the foundation of a solid reserve study. However, not all facility assessments are created equal! The quality of the data directly impacts the accuracy of the budgets. Learn why experience matters most in conducting an assessment, and also learn about the most common omission that throws long-term budgets significantly off track.
Asset Management 101: Making Sure Your Assets are Property Insured
Our nine-part blog series focuses on best practices for asset management of real property. Part nine focuses on insuring your assets from the potential impact of costly lawsuits. There are three primary considerations in reviewing insurance options: 1) premiums, 2) payouts for deductibles and 3) appropriate coverage. Our article outlines some pros and cons of various types of coverage including: 1) traditional insurance, 2) captive insurance company, 3) self insurance - individual and 4) self-insurance - group trust fund.
Justin Rider Joins zumBrunnen as Senior Project Manager
zumBrunnen is pleased to announce the addition of Justin Rider as a Senior Project Manager. Justin brings over 20 years of experience to the team. Prior to joining zumBrunnen, Justin worked on a broad range of projects in healthcare, manufacturing and energy. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

As a Senior Project Manager, Justin will work directly with clients across the country, providing them with objective and thorough construction monitoring services, detailed facility assessment reports and accurate forecasts of replacement reserves for planning and budgeting purposes.
zumBrunnen Announces 20 New Commissions for their Building-Related Services
As independent building consultants, zumBrunnen assists all types of clients in making smart business decisions about their facilities. We are proud to announce recent project commissions for capital planning, reserve studies, construction monitoring, facility assessments and other specialized building-related services. We want to sincerely thank our ongoing clients for their continued business and extend a warm welcome to our newest clients.
Upcoming Conferences

August 7-10, 2018 -
North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association Annual Conference & Exhibition, Wilmington, NC. We will be co-presenting an educational session with Steve P. Fleming, President/CEO of Well Spring Group, on August 9. zumBrunnen will be speaking on the topic of strategic capital replacement planning.  

October 28-October 31, 2018 -
LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo, Philadelphia, PA. We will be at Booth #2308. We will be co-presenting an educational session titled Strategic-Planning Board Retreats: The Fundamentals on Tuesday, October 30 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Please Drop By Our Booth to Get Your Copy of Our 9 Best Practices for Real Estate Asset Management White Paper.

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