Welcome to the 10th Annual 
Mother's Day Weekend Craft Festival
May 11 & 12, 2019
Hampton Falls Town Common, 
4 Lincoln Ave, Hampton Falls, NH 03844 
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Set up Hours:
Friday 5/10  from 3pm to 7pm
Saturday 5/11 from 6am to 9am

 Please do not arrive early, we must wait until School is out and the cars and buses have left the area.  

Castleberry Registration is located at the Gazebo

  • No vehicles may drive onto the common.
  • Unload from perimeter only. 
  • After unloading all exhibitors must park in designated area behind the Lincoln Ackerman School
Dates & Times:
May 11 
10am - 5pm 
May 12
10am - 4pm
  • All Exhibitors must be onsite & booths ready to open by 9:30am
For Your Information:
Caution - Sprinkler System
Be careful not to damage the park's sprinkler system. 
Check area before attempting to stake down a canopy.
Canopy stakes must be NO LONGER THAN 6 inches.
Please bring weights to secure your canopy.

Exhibitor Parking is located behind the Lincoln Ackerman School. 
All Exhibitors must park in designated area during show hours. 

Free Coffee & Snacks will be provided on Saturday until 9am. 
Food options at the fair include burgers, hot dogs, kettle corn & more.
There are convenience stores and eateries nearby. 
Portable Toilets & Wash Station are located behind the Gazebo. 
There is NO electricity available at this venue. 
Located Across the street at the Village Market or Citizens Bank.
Security will be on site at 7:00pm on Friday
    and remain until 6:00am on Saturday.
Security will return at 5:00pm Saturday
    and remain until 7:00am Sunday. 
Security is only a deterrent.
We are not responsible for loss or damages. 
You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day. 
Sales Tax
There is NO Retail Sales Tax in New Hampshire
Meals Tax is 9%
All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage.
Kindly leave all garbage in the dumpster located behind the Gazebo. 
Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you had found it. 
Important Note to Specialty Food Vendors 
  • The Hampton Falls Health Inspector has requested that all Food Vendors supply Castleberry Fairs with a copy of their own local Health Permit or Proof that the food they are sampling or selling is made in an inspected facility. Please send this info to our office ASAP.
  • Bring with you to the event a copy of all food local or state permits and or licenses to have on site.
  • There is no additional permit fee for this event
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Directions  From 95 take Exit 1 onto Route 1 North.

GPS Location: 4 Lincoln Ave, Hampton Falls, NH. 

Weather Be aware that it can get very windy at this venue. 


FYI . . . 
All Welcome Letters for all Castleberry Fairs 
are now available  directly from our website.
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