Welcome to the 
Sandwich Summer Arts & Craft Festival
August 22 & 23, 2020
Former Henry T. Wing School
33 Water Street (Route 130) Sandwich, MA 
Quick Links
Set up Hours:

Friday 8/21 from 4pm to 8pm  and 
Saturday 8/22 from 7am to 9am

Stop by Castleberry Registration booth for

booth assignment, parking pass & more details.

  • Due to Local Noise Ordinance set up cannot resume until 7am on Saturday.
  • All booths are located on fairly level grass and pavement.
    • Plan ahead by bringing both weights and stakes.
  • Vehicles may drive close to your booth to unload.
  • After unloading all exhibitors must park in designated area during the show, behind the former Henry T. Wing School. 
Dates & Times:
August 22 
10am - 5pm 
August 23
10am - 4pm
  • All Exhibitors must be onsite & booths ready to open by 9:30am 
For Your Information:
Booth sites:  
All booths are located on fairly level grass AND pavement. 
Come prepared with both stakes and weights to secure your canopy.
All booths MUST be staked or anchored down securely. 
Do Not Stake into the Pavement. 
Exhibitor Parking is located behind the former Henry T. Wing School. 
See signs on site for direction. 
End of Show
Absolutely no early break down allowed.
After you break down your booth,  you can drive in to pack up.
All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage. 
Do not use trash barrels on site for your own refuse.  Kindly leave all garbage in the dumpster located near the portable toilets. 
Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you found it.
Portable toilets and wash stations on site. 
There is NO electricity available at this venue.
Free Coffee & snacks are available Saturday ONLY until 9:00am. 
The Bourne-Lions Club will be on site selling grilled burgers etc.
No ATM on site. The closest ATM is located at TD bank, approximately 1.1 miles from the venue on Route 6A West. 
There is NO WiFi available at this event.
Will arrive Friday at 8pm and remain until 7am Saturday.  Security will return at show closing on Saturday and remain until 7am Sunday.
Security is only a deterrent. 
We are not responsible for any loss or damages. 

You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day.

Sales Tax

Massachusetts' Sales Tax is 6.25%

Important Note to Specialty Food Vendors 
There is no additional permit or fee for this event.
We have obtained a "blanket" permit which will cover all food vendors but I need you to email me a copy of your:
(please do this right away)

  • ServSafe Certification
  • Allegen Awareness
  • Proof of Insurance (COI)
  • Product labels listing all ingredients. 
AND Proof that the food you are selling and / or sampling is "made in an inspected facility."

Please send these to


with Health Docs in the Subject Line

Also, you should bring a copy of these items with you and have them accessible at the Show. 


Some Links of Interest
  • Directions From Route 6E take Exit 2 onto Route 130 North.
  • Weather always changing Cape Cod weather

FYI . . . 
All Welcome Letters are now available directly from our website.
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