New Board Member Spotlight
Chris Adamo
1.Why did you want to get involved? I fell in love with the mission of Land Trusts after working to help drive national policy to assist them. I wanted to get more involved in the specific implementation of a land trust mission and NVCT is perfect since I became a Northern VA resident this past year.
2.What is your favorite outdoor activity? I flyfish, bird hunt and ski.
3.Where do you live? Arlington, VA with my wife Catherine, daughter Maebel and bird dog Leland.
4.One Goal you have for this upcoming year: To learn about the challenges and opportunities facing NVCT and think about one or two areas that I can provide some value to help grow the mission.
5.What do you wish more people knew about you?
 I grew up in Michigan and the outdoors led me into my profession as an environmental lawyer and advocate.
Andy McLeod
1.Why did you want to get involved? The permanent conservation of land is important everywhere -- and essential here. We must protect open land of all types as we grow economically and become an ever more desirable place to live. 
2.What is your favorite outdoor activity? I love walking and hiking along the Potomac with my dog (part Chesapeake Bay Retriever) -- and with any combination of family members I can entice along.
3.Where do you live? Arlington, VA for six years.
4.One Goal you have for this upcoming year:
Foster strong relationships with our mission and work, our region, our staff members, and my fellow board members.
5.What is a cool fact or two about you?
My favorite holiday is July 4, I was in Berlin when the Wall was breached, and I can cite t he US Presidents in chronological order .
Dec 3rd is #GivingTuesday. This year far more than donations are at stake. Contribute to NVCT and do your part in addressing the climate crisis in Northern Virginia.
On The Land
We enjoyed being out on one of our protected properties this past week to see the progress being made on an innovative stream restoration project!
The goal of this effort in Purcellville is to restore stream banks that have eroded, minimize the down-cutting of the stream bed, and restore aquatic ecosystems.
Success could pave the way for important wildlife to flourish again in this ecosystem. Trout could be reintroduced - for the first time in a generation - as early as this spring, so we’re excited to keep you updated on how it’s going!
We are proud to announce that, once again we have received the gold seal of transparency from GuideStar! GuideStar is the largest directory of non-profits in the United States. Annually, they give less than 1% of their non-profits gold status.
Mark your calendars! Tickets for our "An Evening In The Garden" event will be available soon. Sponsorship options are available now!
Thanksgiving is almost here! Make that last minute trip for more milk go further by signing up for Target Circle today and voting for NVCT!
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