July 11, 2019
Welcome Pastor Mario to Open Door Churches!
When you first walk into Pastor Mario's office at Las Naciones, you don't notice the pictures right away. If you look around, though, you see photos of smiling faces hanging on the bulletin board by the door with the words, "Las Naciones" above them. These are the people who make up the Las Naciones family and it is these people Pastor Mario prays for the first thing every morning along with his prayers over Oregon (he has a map of our state next to the photos).
Pastor Mario is the recent addition to our team of Open Door Churches pastors. Originally from Cuba, he served as an elder there and earned his Masters of Theology degree at the Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Cuba in 2005. He then moved to Louisville, Kentucky ten years ago to work at Watkins United Methodist Church. Now here in Salem, he is looking forward with great hope to serving Las Naciones and doing outreach in the community.  
Dedicated to serving people and empowering them to find refuge, faith, strength, and hope in God, Pastor Mario works and prays for this reality. Not wanting to be seen as someone special, he would rather be seen as someone who is a part of their lives and cares for them deeply. Pastor Mario says, "I hope that the plans and dreams of Open Door Churches becomes a reality. I hope and pray for that."  
Back in Kentucky is Pastor Mario's pride and joy - his 18 year old daughter, Ana Laura, who will be starting as a freshman at the University of Kentucky this fall. Extremely smart and talented in both art and music, he is excited for her to start this next stage in her life. In Cuba is his mom, three brothers, and three sisters whom he enjoys traveling back to see. He also works with Cuban pastors and churches - taking materials, computers, and phones to help them in their ministries. Pastor Mario hopes to share his passion for the Methodists of Cuba with the people of Open Door Churches and that more people will learn Spanish so we can come together better as a community.  
In Pastor Mario's spare time, he loves playing music. Among his repertoire of instruments are the guitar, piano, saxophone, and drums and he has the amazing talent of playing them all by ear. He also greatly enjoys fishing and hunting and is currently working on finding out where are the good spots to go along with the local license requirements. 
Pastor Mario and Las Naciones as a whole greatly value being part of Open Door Churches and hope the other churches continue to join them in the work and engages with their ministry at the resource center. In his own words, "Pastor Daniel Pitney and his work team has been an extraordinary blessing for me in this place. All of them have been very important for my transition and adaptation in this place."
Welcome to our community Pastor Mario!  
Pastor Mario and his daughter, Ana Laura  
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Open Door Churches Webpage

Our webpage is live!!  Go to  opendoorchurches.org to see information about 
each of the churches and ways you can be involved.
Are You Ready for Vacation Bible School 2019?
"Who's My Neighbor?"
Mon - Thu, August 12th to 15th
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Open Door Churches Vacation Bible School (VBS) is happening again this year and we will be holding one week of it at Morningside.

All kids from age 3 to 5th grade graduates are invited to four days of fun-filled adventure, faith exploration and discovery and making new friends. Each day as they sing, craft, snack and use their imaginations, the kids will learn more about themselves and what makes each and everyone unique, special and, yet, the same!

Online registration is encouraged this year (if possible) but paper registration forms will be available soon, if needed. CLICK HERE for a link to the online registration website.

We have openings for volunteers!
If you have a heart for kids and want to help make sure our kids have a fun and meaningful VBS experience this summer, then join us! If interested please contact Heather Hawkins at heatherinhighland@yahoo.com.  You may also call the First UMC church office at 503-364-6709 or Morningside UMC at 503-364-5013 to leave her a message.
Some volunteer needs are: 
1.   Assist with registration, 8:15-9:00 a.m. any or all days
2.   Assist with decorating (ask for date and time)
3.   Assist with lunch for VBS families on last day. 
11am-1:30pm on Thursday at Morningside UMC

Open Door Churches Worship & Celebration Picnic! 
Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 10:30 a.m.  
Salem Riverfront Park 
Join  us for our 2nd Open Door Churches Worship & Celebration at Riverfront Park! After worship, we'll share a potluck lunch along with games & activities. Ice water, silverware, & plates are all provided.
All Open Door Churches will be participating so no services will be held at any of the churches. 

Sermon Series:"Boldly Stepping Out"
June 23rd to September 1st
As we near the end of our current sermon series, we look forward to our new series, "Boldly Stepping Out."  

Join us each week as we explore the many ways our faith inspires us, supports us and allows us to live life boldly - within our community and the world, in the face of adversity and opposition, and when we need change in our life.

This series is sure to fill our souls and give us courage to boldly step out!

Open Door Churches - Youth Group Summer Schedule
No one's more excited that summer is here than our Youth Group! Beginning Tuesday, June 18th, the Open Door Churches Youth Group will begin their summer meeting schedule - moving to Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm (for the most part.) Mark you calendars, keep your eyes open and check the group's Facebook Page for detailed updates.
July 30 Pietro's Lazer Tag

Aug 6 City Camp (low mission) FUMC Youth Group Room Decoration Planning
Aug 12-15 Vacation Bible School @ Morningside
Aug 13 Movie afternoon after VBS
Aug 20 FUMC Youth Group Room Decoration
For more details about youth group activities visit their Facebook page here.  
Open Door Churches Young Adults  
July Schedule
This past month the Open Door Church Young Adults have focused on the scriptures from our Boldly Stepping Out Sermon Series. Together we have spoken about the importance of community and ways that God has surprised us as we live in community with one another. We have also began an Instagram account as we have noted young adults spend more time on Instagram than on Facebook. You can follow our Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/open_door_church_young_adults/) to learn more about who our group is and what we are up to.

The Open Door Church Young Adult Group is going on retreat August 1-3 in Pacific City. During retreat, the young adults have asked to learn ways to engage their faith beyond Sunday morning worship, have intergenerational conversation, and how to set healthy boundaries. Please hold the young adults in prayer as they are on retreat.

The Open Door Young Adult group meets on Wednesday's from 7-8:30.  During the summer, the young adults rotate locations. Please email Pastor Alyssa ( alyssabaker08@gmail.com) to get on our email list. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Open Door Young Adults.  

Check out our group's Facebook Page: CLICK HERE 

Transformations Prayer Retreat
Site: Suttle Lake Camp
Dates: 9/22/2019 - 9/27/2019
Age Level: Adult
Cost: $369
32nd Annual Transformations Prayer Retreat

Leaders:  Rev. Kate Conolly, Rev. Michael Powell, and Rev. Nancy Slabaugh-Hart

The Transformations Prayer Retreat blends contemplation and community. Emphasis is on the communal sharing of the sacraments, with ample time for the solitude of prayer, meditation, and reflection. Come apart to renew your spirit and re-center yourself through time in Christian community and intentional time with God.

The Prayer Retreat is structured so that your days can be custom made to provide you with the rhythm of community, solitude, and worship you need for spiritual renewal.

There are three worship experiences each day, grounded in daily scripture. Each morning begins with Holy Communion. At noon we gather for quiet, contemplative worship. At 5 o'clock we share an interactive worship time focusing on the scripture that we have lived with during the day. There is ample free time for rest, hiking, reading, and canoeing on the lake. Kate , Michael, and Nancy will lead evening programs.

All of this takes place in the beautiful and restorative setting of Suttle Lake Camp. The outstanding staff provides us with Christ-like hospitality and delicious, nourishing meals.

This year's focus will be on Joan Chittister's book, The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully.

For more information and to register: CLICK HERE 

Congregations Helping People is Seeking Volunteers
Do you want to participate in saving a life? Or planting hope in a hopeless person's heart?  In four hours/day?  CHP (Congregations Helping People) is in the business of making a real difference in people's lives, physically and otherwise.
We need regular morning -- and substitute -- volunteers to help us greet and screen clients, and to enter data into our computer. If you can commit to an 8:45 to 12:45 slot on a weekday morning, we would love to train you, have you work alongside a veteran volunteer, and then schedule you for a regular or substitute position.  You will be blessed.
Please call the Rev. Rebecca Strader at (503) 391-4365 or email her at Rebecca.strade@chpsalem.org
Come Visit!
We, as Open Door Churches, are a wonderful community together. To continue building our relationships, it's good to visit each other. If you would like to visit one of the other Open Door Churches, here are all our Sunday service times:
  • Trinity - 9:30 a.m.
  • Morningside - (Face to Face) 8:30 a.m.,10:30 a.m.
  • Salem 1st - 8:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
  • Las Naciones - 12:30 p.m.
  • Keizer Clear Lake - 10 a.m.